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Aylesbury Box Company has created slimline packaging for gift products, subscription services, health foods, flowers and cosmetics. What products do you wish to send through the letterbox?
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Slimline Packaging for Letterbox Deliveries


Slimline Packaging for Letterbox Deliveries

We’ve just heard about a radical idea – slimline wine bottles that can be posted through a letterbox! It has got us thinking about slimline packaging and why it should be a point for consideration when you rethink your packaging design.

A Fresh Approach to Packaging Wine

The wine bottle is one packaging design that has changed very little since its conception. The differentiating factor between the cylindrical glass shapes on a shelf is the label. Considerable effort goes into the typography, imagery and text, in a bid to draw the attention of the shopper.

In recent years (particularly the lockdown weeks), the demand for online shopping has grown. If you want to raise a toast whilst relaxing in the garden, cases of wine can be delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can order a bottle with your supermarket shop.

Things could be about to change. Garçon Wines have gone back to the drawing board to create a new version of the wine bottle. The cylindrical shape has been replaced by a flattened bottle. With two flat sides, the bottles are stackable and take up less space when multiple bottles form are boxed together.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

Individual bottles can be packed into slimline corrugated cardboard boxes, which slip through a standard letterbox. This means consumers would not need to wait in for their delivery, it could simply be posted through their door.

The bottle shape was not the only change made by Garçon Wines. They also switched from glass to a recycled plastic bottle. In doing so, they reduced the weight of each bottle by 87%. The combination of lightweight packaging material and stackable design results in lower transportation and delivery cost, as well as reductions in carbon emissions.

The recycled plastic uses no raw materials and can be recycled when the contents have been consumed. The cardboard boxes that the bottles are packed in for delivery can also be formed from 100% recycled fibres and are fully recyclable, so this is a sustainable packaging solution.

Garçon Wines are in talks with Naked Wines, Hardys Wine and other suppliers, so it might not be long before we all spot this new style of wine bottle.

At present, the orders we have received for wine boxes have been for those designed to carry standard cylindrical bottles. As manufacturers of bespoke cardboard packaging, we can easily adapt!

Why Consider Slimline Packaging for your Products

Slimline packaging for letterbox deliveries increases convenience and cuts costs; those two factors make it worth exploring.

Increasingly, companies are relying on online sales and customers want convenience. If your product packaging allows items to be delivered through the letterbox, you can give them what they want. You may not need to change the primary product packaging; it may fit perfectly in a slimline delivery box.

In addition to saving customers from waiting in for deliveries or having to collect from the sorting office, there is another advantage – cost. In our recent Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies blog, we explained how we helped a t-shirt company to make significant cost savings when they switched to bespoke boxes. The change ensured their packaging qualified for a https://somabest.comlower delivery charge.

Seek Advice from a Packaging Manufacturer

If social distancing meant that your company had to launch online services at speed, you may have had little opportunity to consider delivery boxes. As business begins to return to normal, feel free to give us a call on 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss packaging design and the options for printed packaging.

Aylesbury Box Company has created slimline packaging for gift products, subscription services, health foods, flowers and cosmetics. What products do you wish to send through the letterbox?

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