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Postal Boxes and Packaging for E-Commerce:
Delivering the Right Message

Remember that sense of pride and excitement when your goods were first lined up for despatch? You want your customers get the same feeling of eager anticipation when they receive your product in the post. You want them to be as keen to rip open the packaging as a child on Christmas morning!

postal box with prited cover

Postal boxes, pillow boxes and ecommerce packaging ensure that your goods reach your customers in the best possible condition, but there is potential for them to do much more. The parcel is the first thing the customer sees; if it’s a battered old box is your company sending the right message? What does it suggest about the care you’ve taken over your goods? Are they desperate to get inside?

High quality presentation boxes, which have been customised with your design, instantly suggest a pride in your company. Clear instructions on the box indicate that you care about what’s inside and bespoke packaging showcases that your company is keen to stand out from the crowd. All can add a sense of delight to discovering what’s inside.

cardboard box with one colour print

At Aylesbury Box Company we provide boxes in the exact dimension and quantity that you need for your products. We are happy to advise on the best and most cost effective packaging solutions, either for a one-off order or an on-going supply. We can design bespoke boxes for specific items and print boxes with logos text and graphics on the outside or inside.

Aylesbury Box Company manufactures all packaging in-house, with a focus on efficient processes and minimising waste. This allows us to offer competitive prices for good quality packaging and means we turnaround orders in the quickest possible time. Whether you prefer to phone, email or pop in, we can help turn your vision into reality.

As consumers we know that shopping is never just about the product. We want to buy from companies that make us feel special, that pay time and attention to our requirements and personalise the experience.

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With e-commerce, you may never meet your customers, so you need to put extra effort into customer service in order to succeed. Custom postal boxes are one way to achieve this; in addition to preventing damage, the right choice of packaging helps to deliver a positive shopping experience.