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Corrugated cardboard is a versatile material.

With our specialist knowledge and machinery, it is straight forward for us to cut and shape corrugated card into a wide range of packaging designs.

Computer screen with CAD design

We love using our cardboard engineering skills to create customised solutions for our customers. What’s more, bespoke packaging design doesn’t need to blow your budget. At times just a slight change to a standard box template can create completely different end results.

If you have a range of products that have different packaging requirements, but need consistent branding, we can work on designs which present each item in its best light, yet clearly show that they are associated products.  Alternatively you may opt for a standard box, to which we apply a variety of printed paper wraps, which differentiate the range.


It is also easy to print on cardboard, which makes is simple to brand, add handling or assembly instructions and safety information. From a basic, single colour print, to a full colour image, we can help you achieve the perfect packaging design.

We are also willing to include other materials in your packaging design; this might include attaching plastic handles, or adhering a layer of another material to the cardboard base. We have technical cardboard engineering skills and we enjoy using them in order to provide you with the perfect packaging design.

If you can explain the ideal means of packaging your goods, we will find a way to design and create exactly what you want.

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