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Packaging Design & Image Library

Tailored solutions to protect, present and promote your products

We love to apply our cardboard engineering skills to create customised packaging.

In addition to colour, imagery and typography, packaging design encompasses form, structure and materials. With specialist knowledge and machinery our packaging advice and manufacturing capabilities are applied to produce bespoke packaging design.

Meet Our Packaging Designers

The best packaging protects your products and has visual impact. When opened, the box continues to delight, with presentation that elevates the perception of the product and brand. If you think that sounds expensive, be assured that we recommend the most cost-effective means of achieving your desired results.


With an understanding of cardboard form and structure, we create robust, protective and attractive solutions without the need for excessive packaging or void fill. We aim to minimise packaging waste and the returns of damaged goods.


Our solutions take into account common interactions. The right design can ease packing processes, handling, opening, box reuse and recycling. These practicalities, remove common frustrations associated with one-size-fits-all packaging.


We are curious about your products. We want to understand their dimensions and shape, how they are stored, transported and displayed, along with who buys them. This helps us to solve your packaging dilemmas and create custom boxes.


We specialise in sustainable cardboard packaging. Corrugated cardboard and carton board boxes are lightweight and cost-effective. Both are manufactured from at least 80% recycled fibres and they are 100% recyclable.

Alongside the practicalities, we know that packaging plays an important marketing role. We advise on a range of print finishes to achieve desirable results within your budget. You can rely on our team to print simple branding on postal boxes through to high-end finishes for luxury packaging.


For packaging design, get in touch.

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