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Aylesbury Box Company: The Thinking Inside the Box

News from the World of Boxes

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Consumers Say No to Greenwashing

Environmentally conscious shoppers are on the lookout for products that help them make sustainable choices. For this reason, they favour brands with green credentials and take time to look for recognisable symbols on packaging. However, in a bid to win customers, some companies are making...


Sustainable Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a seasonal tradition and there are ways to maintain this custom and minimise environmental impact. Will you pledge to go green for the 2023 festivities? Why Do We Send Christmas Cards? Let’s be honest, most of the mail that drops into our letterboxes...


Ticking the Boxes for Media Packaging

In a world where films, music and books can be streamed and downloaded, is there a need for physical products? We explore the reasons for, and practicalities of, media packaging. Collectable Media If you can watch, listen or read online, is there any need for vinyl, CDs,...


Sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses

Many of our customers are sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses. They are typically looking for a local, responsive packaging manufacturer, who can meet their requirements. In addition, keeping it local reduces delivery costs and environmental impact. As we are based in a county full of SMEs, it...


The Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability

The availability and cost of imports mean millions of goods are shipped around the globe every day. This generates considerable carbon emissions, an issue which needs to be addressed. In addition, it distances retailers from suppliers, which can mean a lack of awareness about unethical...


Preparing for Black Friday

We’re just a few weeks away from Black Friday, a day where customers are on the hunt for a great deal. This provides a great opportunity for small e-commerce businesses to reward loyal customers or attract new buyers. So what are our tips on preparing...