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Aylesbury Box Company: The Thinking Inside the Box

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Cleaning Up with Sustainable Packaging

In a bid to reduce environmental impact, many brands are developing sustainable packaging solutions. We are seeing a shift away from plastic towards recycled and recyclable packaging materials, including corrugated cardboard. One of the latest shifts has come from the laundry industry. Lowering the Carbon Footprint...


Best Kids Subscription Boxes UK

We are not the only one finding it a challenge to keep the kids  entertained through the long summer holiday. Fortunately, the good weather has helped, but if you are looking for some fresh ideas, we share a selection of child-focused activity boxes. 12 of the...


Distinctive Single Colour Print Packaging

Single colour print is a low-cost option for creating bespoke boxes. You may think that being restricted to a single colour limits creativity, yet we’ve seen some fantastic packaging designs. What do you need to know to get low cost printed packaging that with impact? How...


The Best BBQ Boxes: Shopping Local

A sunny day in Britain is almost certainly accompanied by the aroma of smoked meals cooked on the BBQ. As enthusiastic promoters of the shop local ethos, Aylesbury Box Company has been researching local farm shop meat boxes. Delivered to your door or offered for...


Pure Printed Boxes

Pet products have to appeal to both the pet and the owner. You want both parties to be excited at the arrival of your branded boxes. That depends on the goods arriving in pristine condition and the packaging looking the part. Pure Pet Food Back in 2013,...


Packaging Fresh & Fragrant Flowers

Giving flowers is an expression of appreciation, gratitude, joy, sympathy or apology, but how do flowers make it from farm to florists? We explore flower growers and cardboard flower packaging. Why Do People Buy Flowers as Gifts? A small bunch of daffodils in spring or an elaborate...