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Sustainable Packaging Design

If there was one message to come out of this year’s Packaging Innovations exhibition, it is that the appetite for sustainable packaging is stronger than ever. Consumers and retailers are actively seeking out brands which demonstrate a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of consumerism. Not...


A Surge in Cardboard Box Orders

Last year, only around 6% of food shopping occurred online. The majority of consumers preferred to pop to the shops to stock up on groceries. Within a few weeks, there has been a tremendous shift. With self-isolation and restrictions on our movements, the demand for...


Protecting the Seas

As the movement of people is restricted around the world, there is one clear advantage. The environment is less polluted. There are already images of lakes, rivers and canals transforming from cloudy brown to clear. Our seas, which have felt the brunt of human activity...


Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 3

Could Labels be a Cost-Effective Packaging Option? Aylesbury Box Company has supported many subscription box, e-commerce and new companies to develop great packaging on a budget. This is the third blog in our short ‘Packaging Advice for Start-ups’ series. In the previous articles, we explored printed packaging...


Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 2

How Bespoke Boxes Can Reduce your Postage Costs In the previous ‘Packaging Advice for Start-ups’ blog, we focused on how to make an impact on a tight budget. This article explained that, although you may initially consider bespoke packaging as an unnecessary expense, it can be...


Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies

How to Make an Impact with a Limited Budget There is so much to learn when you embark on a new business adventure. Where can you go for advice? When it comes to packaging, Aylesbury Box Company has supported many start-up businesses, including subscription companies. We take...


How to Avoid Plastic Bags

When leading toy distributor, John Crane Ltd closed down after 120 years in the industry, one of its former team stepped in. Jonathan Thorpe had a proven track record, having formerly been the MD, then President of Playmobil USA. Jonathan wanted to continue the distribution of...


Celebrating Companies that Think Outside the Box

Gerard® Roofing Tiles Across the UK, roof tiles have typically been made from terracotta, slate or concrete, but is there another way to crown our homes? Gerard Roofing Systems have proven there is. How did WWII RAF hangers provide the inspiration for a new roofing system? During wartime,...


Sustainable Packaging in the Supply Chain

We all know that large supermarkets have considerable power. The decisions they make determine what food and products we have access to, and at what prices. For many farmers and factories, being on the supermarket’s supply chain is what keeps them in business. Changing consumer behaviour...


Internal Divisions in Packaging

An empty cardboard box can be the ideal packaging solution for your goods. It offers maximum freedom; put in it what you like and off it goes in the post. The question is, what condition are those products in when they reach the customer? Do they...