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Rotalube wanted quality printed boxes from a packaging manufacturer that met their demands for performance and sustainability.
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Innovate for Performance & Sustainability


Innovate for Performance & Sustainability

What do manufacturers, theme parks and quarries have in common? Their processes all rely on efficient chain conveyor operation and, this depends on keeping the chain lubricated. However, the manual, brush, drip or spit systems for applying lubrication are messy and wasteful. So, it was time to innovate for performance and sustainability.

Introducing Rotalube

Rotalube is a patented solution developed by David Chippendale, an expert in conveyor chain production and maintenance. His engineers were commonly diagnosing lubrication issues as a cause for chain wear, noise and oil contamination.

In response, he designed and developed a sprocket-shaped applicator which administers the precise amount of oil directly to the pivot points. As the conveyor moves, Rotalube connects with the chain and applies lubrication. It’s a clean and efficient process that uses less oil.

In the bid to innovate for performance and sustainability, the Rotalube solutions are now available to use with a range of chain sizes. In addition, the company has created systems that can withstand extreme heat or moisture. And, if your company needs to meet the health and safety requirements for food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing, Rotalube ticks the boxes!

In short, this is a quality solution that prevents numerous common issues and improves the longevity of industrial machinery. In addition, this is a cost-effective way of minimising waste management and associated environmental damage.

The Packaging Requirements for Rotalube Eco Kit Boxes

With a growing market for this lubrication solution, boxes were required to sell the Rotalube Eco Kits. The company were looking for 6×6 bespoke boxes for applicators and 12×12 Eco Kit boxes. Both needed to be robust and a practical solution in terms of logistics. Equally important was the ease of packing, a securely sealed box and consistent presentation of the parts when opened.

In keeping with the brand, the company wanted quality boxes from a packaging manufacturer that met their demands for supply chain sustainability. There was also a requirement for a bold print design. Fortunately, they had previously worked with the Aylesbury Box Company team and felt confident that all elements of the packaging brief could be met.

Prioritising Performance & Sustainability

As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we also prioritise performance and sustainability. For a start, the boxes we manufacture are made from a high percentage of recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

We applied our cardboard engineering skills to design internal features that would aid packing and presentation, whilst also adding to the strength of the boxes. Then, we sent samples of the packaging design to the Rotalube team, so they could test out the packing process, durability, secure protection of parts and print quality.

“Larry knows his stuff and we benefit from his expertise and customer service. He ensured that our functional requirements were met, while also creating a box with a premium finish that represents our brand. We love the professional presentation, which makes it easy to see all the different parts. And, we received positive feedback from customers when we took the boxes to a recent industry exhibition. Basically, Aylesbury Box Company understood exactly what we wanted and delivered it.”Tayo Oyefusi – Rotalube

As this is a brand that never stops innovating, we are already in discussions about their requirements for future product packaging.

If your company is looking for a sustainable supplier to manufacture printed cardboard packaging to your specifications, get in touch 01296 436888 or Our account managers are packaging problem solvers. They will work with you to understand your brief, offer advice and give you what you want.

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