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Why Switch From Plastic Packaging?

Did you know that 74% of the UK population favour a reduction in plastic packaging use? As a result, many of us are actively looking for brands that use alternative packaging materials. So, a growing number of producers and retailers are switching to more sustainable...


Green Initiatives

Ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and waste require investment in green technologies and incentives to encourage sustainable practices. The Plastic Packaging Tax is one initiative aimed at convincing manufacturers and retailers to embrace alternative packaging materials. But, does it go far enough or do we...


The Future of Packaging

The future of packaging looks set to be a balancing act. Brands want sustainable alternatives to plastic and ways to engage with buyers. However, they also need solutions that are functional and cost-effective. So, as a packaging manufacturer, how do we tick all the boxes? A...


Count Your Plastic Packaging

A recent YouGov poll reveals that 71% of consumers think retailers and supermarkets use too much packaging. If you agree that there is too much packaging waste, what action can you take to drive change? Reduce and Recycle to Minimise Packaging Waste The majority of consumers are...


Environmental Good News

We know that there are many environmental issues impacting our world. However, many of us have made multiple changes to reduce the escalation of environmental problems. So, are our efforts making a difference? Let us share some environmental good news! Prioritising Sustainability Over recent years, a growing...


Rethinking Food Packaging

Consumers want appealing fresh food, at the perfect ripeness and with a decent shelf life. However, they are also keen to avoid chemical preservatives and plastic packaging. With tonnes of fruit and veg being shipped around the globe daily, can rethinking food packaging provide a...

cardboard hanger template

Hanging Up the Plastic Packaging

Many brands are taking action to reduce the volume of plastic packaging used to display and deliver products. One of the latest moves has been taken by Sainsbury’s, with Tu Baby Clothing now being presented on cardboard hangers. Cardboard Hangers Replace Plastic Packaging Clothing sold in High...


Ditch or Switch Plastic Packaging

July is Plastic Free Month! The perfect time to make long-term changes, as an individual, a business or a community, to ditch or switch plastic packaging. Small Changes to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste Can small changes have an impact? You may believe that the scale of the...


Is Plastic Packaging is Recycled?

When we separate waste and dispose of plastic packaging in recycling bins, we expect it will be collected and recycled into new plastic products. Is this the case? UK Plastic Recycling Rates The British Plastics Federation publishes data* on plastic recovery and recycling rates. As a result,...


The Plastic Packaging Problem

It’s Plastic Free July, so we’re exploring the waste problem and some simple steps that can be taken to switch away from single-use plastic packaging. How Much Plastic Packaging is Recycled in the UK? The UK disposes of 2 million metric tons of plastic waste every year,...