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Is increasing the plastic packaging tax the best option or are there other ways to stimulate investment in green initiatives?
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Green Initiatives


Green Initiatives

Ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and waste require investment in green technologies and incentives to encourage sustainable practices. The Plastic Packaging Tax is one initiative aimed at convincing manufacturers and retailers to embrace alternative packaging materials. But, does it go far enough or do we need more green initiatives?

Investment in Green Initiatives

The UK Government recently committed to investing £960 million in the Green Industries Growth Accelerator. This funding aims to accelerate the advancement of renewable energy. It’s a pivotal move in lowering carbon emissions and increasing the UK’s energy security. Yet, other green initiatives also require funding.

As a fundamental part of creating a greener economy, the UK needs efficient recycling collection and processing facilities. One way of generating funding to enhance waste management facilities and technology is the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT).

PPT applies to importers of filled or unfilled plastic packaging, as well as manufacturers of plastic packaging. However, by switching to alternative packaging materials or using plastic with more than 30% recycled content, manufacturers and retailers can minimise payment.

We have had more enquiries from companies that are looking to remove or reduce the plastic contained in their packaging as a result of the tax. We’ve helped them to find sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise functionality. If you’d like to discuss alternative options with us, call 01296 436888 or email

Yet, despite progress, PPT income exceeded targets by £41 million in year one. This suggests that more action is needed to incentivise action.

Increases in Plastic Packaging Tax

Increases to PPT came into force on 1 April 2024, with the cost rising from £210.82 to £217.85 per tonne of plastic packaging produced or used. But, is this enough?

Not according to Veolia’s Resource the Future Report*. They recommend £275.00 per tonne which applies to any plastic packaging with less than 35% recycled plastic content. Veolia argues that a more significant increase will make it cheaper to opt for sustainable packaging materials and incentivise the use of recycled materials. It also highlights the importance of using the tax to invest in the waste processing infrastructure. Both outcomes will stimulate investment in green initiatives.

Building on this initial increase in tax and recycled plastic content, Veolia suggests an annual escalation. This would see 50% recycled content being the minimum requirement by 2050. This would help to keep the UK in line with European targets, which are set at 65% by 2040.

Veolia advises that income from the PPT is essential for investment in domestic closed-loop recycling. We need to have sufficient facilities to process waste within the UK, rather than sending it abroad. There are multiple reasons why this is important. Primarily, it means that processes are properly managed, so negative environmental impact is minimised.

What are your thoughts on increasing the plastic packaging tax? Is this the best option or are there other ways to stimulate investment in green initiatives?

Change is Happening

To end on a positive note, change is happening. Plastic has been actively removed from thousands of items, with more being announced every month. Although there is room for improvement, many brands are aware that their customers favour green credentials. Switching to plastic-free packaging is one way to retain buyer loyalty.

Here are five examples of positive action:

Here at Aylesbury Box Company, we have also taken steps to greatly reduce plastic use. And, we remain on the lookout for further actions that can minimise use.


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