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Eye-catching Printed Packaging

At this time of year, it seems that everything is a bit grey. Therefore, we need something to lift our spirits and inject a bit of colour into the world. So, in this article, we explore the colour yellow and its use in creating eye-catching...


Making Unboxing Memorable

Your delivery arrives and you are desperate to get inside and find your order. Does the unboxing experience matter? Do we respond differently to the product based on the shape, appearance and packaging material it is delivered in? Let’s give this some thought. Unwrapping Gifts Imagine it’s...

polystyrene balls breaking up

From Polystyrene to Cardboard

The recent Government ban on polystyrene cups and containers has encouraged many retailers and manufacturers to look at alternatives. From takeaway packaging to protective box inserts for machinery, we’ve helped brands shift from polystyrene to cardboard. We’ve now discovered a British designer, known for his polystyrene...

Blue print custom box

A Run of Custom Boxes

When a local sports and social club wanted custom boxes to keep members on the run, we were happy to deliver. All 500 members of this Buckinghamshire club are serving police officers and police staff and this is reflected in the distinctive blue and white...


Grow Your Own Mushroom Boxes

When a teenager called us to ask about bespoke boxes for growing mushrooms, we were intrigued. It turns out that Sam is an inspiration. He has transformed his obsession for fungi into a business, alongside studying for his A’levels. Printed Mushroom Boxes When Sam contacted us, he...


E-commerce Packaging for Perfect Pets

In celebration of #NationalPetDay, we’re focusing on e-commerce packaging we’ve designed for several pet retail companies. From big-name brands to start-up companies on the brink of launching, the arrival of these boxes is eagerly awaited by pets. Boxes for Boxers (and other breeds of dog) Our loyal...


Circular Thinking: Glass Jars & Cardboard Boxes

When a company has been successfully built around environmentally and socially sustainable principles, circular thinking comes naturally. Every decision considers the full impact of production and processes. This means packaging materials that are made from recycled material and are widely recycled. E-commerce Packaging for Sustainable Sea...


Packaging Design is Part of the Brand

Good packaging design is created with thought to the product, the customer experience and the brand values. Far more than simply a shipping box, it communicates a message to customers; what does your packaging say? Bespoke Boxes for a Product Launch Last year, we were contacted by...


Packaging for Start-up Business

At Aylesbury Box Company, we love to play a part in getting e-commerce companies ready for business. We’ve recently delivered the first order of packaging for start-up business SF1 Strength for their fitness and conditioning training equipment. What makes their product unique and what were...


UK Packaging Updates 2023

In our Happy New Year article, we highlighted some goals for 2023. One of these was to help inform customers of EPR regulations aimed to reduce packaging waste. This article is the first step in this process. Reduce Packaging Waste To reduce packaging waste and instigate a...