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Your delivery arrives and you are desperate to get inside and find your order. Does the unboxing experience matter? Let's look at the data.
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Making Unboxing Memorable


Making Unboxing Memorable

Your delivery arrives and you are desperate to get inside and find your order. Does the unboxing experience matter? Do we respond differently to the product based on the shape, appearance and packaging material it is delivered in? Let’s give this some thought.

Unwrapping Gifts

Imagine it’s your birthday and laid out before you are a few gifts. One is presented in a crumpled carrier bag. Another is carefully wrapped in printed paper, with a ribbon and label. How do you feel about opening them up? One looks like it was a last-minute ‘that will do’ gift. However, the other feels more special, care has been taken and this adds value before you open it up.

The gifts might contain something of equal monetary value, yet, you’ve had a different emotional response. So, now we invite you to consider your e-commerce packaging. Have you opted for a ‘that will do’ solution or have you focused on encouraging engagement and an emotional response? Are your customers excited and delighted when your boxes arrive on the doorstep?

Unboxing Insight

According to the DeliverX Packaging Report* 2023, only 7.5% of online shoppers felt that the packaging was totally irrelevant. In contrast, 9% stated it was critical to the unboxing experience. A further 49% felt it was an important element of shopping online.

Security and protection remain the top packaging priorities. However, believing that this is enough is a missed opportunity. What you want is packaging that delights and makes the purchase a positive and memorable experience.

To further prove the engagement that good packaging design can generate, the report highlights that viewers have watched over 60 million hours of unboxing videos on YouTube. These often focus on the boxes, the messages, the storytelling and the brand, as much as the product inside.

Equally, desirable e-commerce packaging is often shared on social channels. This is an effective way for brands to extend their reach and benefit from peer influence. Are you starting to understand the potential of packaging now?

The Potential of Packaging

Packaging has the potential to elevate our engagement with a brand and the value we place on the goods inside. When we receive an original box, with colour, typography or detailing that appeals, it feels like a treat. That bit of care and attention makes us feel important as a customer. Online businesses have minimal contact with customers, so e-commerce packaging is important for building a positive connection.

Retailers know the power of making memories through the senses. So, consider the sense of touch. Do your boxes feel good quality as they are opened? Are there tear strips to ease opening and what inserts or void filler have you selected? For high-end products, are you using embossed or spot gloss to encourage touch?

In terms of visual appeal, is there a vibrant colour when customers open the box and how are the goods presented? Have you printed useful information, fun quotes or a beautiful illustration? Consider the sound of the tear strip opening, tissue paper rustling or kraft paper scrunching. Are there ways to incorporate appealing aromas or tastes in the unboxing experience?

How Much Does Printed Packaging Cost?

Many companies stick with plain, off-the-shelf boxes because they believe that printed packaging will be beyond their budget. However, it can often be more cost-effective to opt for custom boxes. For example, dimensions that best fit your products can remove the cost of void fillers. In addition, this can reduce packing time and shipping costs.

The cost depends on the number of colours and more appropriate print solution. The good news is that flexographic print is ideal for e-commerce packaging if you don’t want full colour. Limiting your palette may feel restrictive, but we’ve seen some fantastic single or two-colour designs. Another low-cost, yet high-impact, option is to flood print the inside of a box in a rich brand colour.

In some cases, we recommend a simple single-colour branded box, with printed full-colour stickers applied to differentiate the product range or add a seasonal twist.

Where Can I Get Packaging Advice?

As a packaging manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company creates custom boxes to best fit your requirements. We listen to what you want to achieve and advise on the options. We can talk you through the process. What’s more, if there are ways to reduce the volume of packaging used or cut printing costs, we will let you know.

Call us with your enquiry: 01296 436888 or email



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