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Packaging Design


What’s the Best Packaging Design?

We often see articles and posts showcasing the ‘best packaging design’. Typically, these include stylish graphics and a clever novelty feature. Yes, we can appreciate the skills of the designer and manufacturer, but would this work for your products? So, in this article, we’re exploring...


4 Packaging Design Essentials

We all judge on appearances and that is why packaging design matters. As customers, we often have nothing more than the packaging to go on before making a purchase. The boxes, bottles and tins indicate whether this product can meet our needs and match our...


Packaging and Brand Identity

Have you considered the role that packaging plays in your brand identity? Coming up with a company name and deciding what you will sell is the starting point for most retail businesses. You invest in your product range and the company website, then get ready...


Change to Box Design Saves a Job

When we talk about changes to box design, we often think of new styles or rebranding. Yet, sometimes the smallest alteration can make a big difference. We were contacted by Coax Connectors who were after a bright idea. Their customers are unlikely to notice the...

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Packaging Predictions: What’s in Store for 2024?

There’s no better time for packaging predictions than the New Year! So, what do we see influencing design in the road ahead? Packaging Materials Firstly, after several years of increases, market forecasts suggest that paper prices will stabilise in 2024. This will make it easier for cardboard...


Why Do Brands Change Their Packaging?

It’s widely known that consistent branding helps consumers to build trust in a product or company. As buyers, we spot that familiar box design on the shelf, grab and go. So, why do brands change their packaging? Packaging Rebrand – The Risks & Rewards The main reason...

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Balancing the Box

Packaging design is far more than strong branding. Achieving effective solutions that fulfil every step in the supply chain and circular economy requires balancing the box requirements. In this article, we outline some points to consider for your packaging project. Protective Packaging The main purpose of packaging...


Why Use Symbols on Packaging?

There can be a lot of information to share on retail packaging and shipping boxes. This includes instructions for transit handlers, retailers and consumers, so there needs to be a quick reference solution. This is why we use symbols on packaging. Are Symbols on Packaging Better...


What Defines Good Packaging Design?

We are halfway through the year, so now is a great opportunity to look at what defines good packaging design in 2023. In our experience, there are several priorities for both customers and end consumers. The Role of Packaging Packaging has several key roles to perform and...


Branded Packaging for Moon Roast

E-commerce and subscription box sales have provided a fantastic opportunity for a small coffee roaster; enabling their fresh blends to reach customers who live further afield. However, they were keen to maintain the strong connection they have with regular visitors, so branded packaging was a...