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What’s in Your Ideal Home?

Interior inspiration doesn’t get much bigger than the annual Ideal Home Show. Running until 7 April, this event brings together all the best in furniture, fittings, appliances and accessories. So, what features in your ideal home? Visiting The Ideal Home Show Held in London’s Olympia, the Ideal...


When Protective Packaging is a Top Priority

Appropriate levels of protection are an important consideration for all packaging designs. However, for some deliveries, it is a top priority. In this article, we share our work with the London Sperm Bank to create protective packaging for their precious cargo. Deliveries to Support Fertility Choosing to...

Printed box with graphics and information

Is Your E-commerce Packaging a Missed Opportunity?

Almost any product can now be purchased online and UK residents love to browse the internet. However, the majority of orders arrive in plain cardboard boxes. Is this a wise decision or a missed opportunity for e-commerce packaging? UK Desire for Online Shopping According to the latest...


Ice Cream Boxes Delivered

Hot summer days mean BBQs, trips to the seaside and ice cream. So, which are the best flavours and can you get ice cream boxes delivered to your door? Ticking all the Boxes: Ice Cream Awards We all have our favourite flavours of ice cream or sorbet....


5 Options for Printing Cardboard Boxes

For e-commerce packaging or retail distribution, branding is vital. The six external and six internal sides to a box all provide an opportunity to market your brand, provide valuable information and encourage engagement. So what are the options for printing cardboard boxes? 1. DIY Printing for...


Packaging Design is Part of the Brand

Good packaging design is created with thought to the product, the customer experience and the brand values. Far more than simply a shipping box, it communicates a message to customers; what does your packaging say? Bespoke Boxes for a Product Launch Last year, we were contacted by...


Boxes & Bands Offer Strength & Protection

Our cardboard boxes offer strength and protection at affordable prices. These are also qualities shared by PowerHands, one of our most recent packaging customers. PowerHands Resistance Training A good grip and hand strength helps us all to manage everyday tasks, like opening jars and lifting heavy bags....

Variety of drinks-packaging

Improved Drinks Packaging for Global Brand

When shipping globally, drinks packaging has to be sufficiently robust to ensure your products arrive undamaged. How did we improve the boxes to help bring healthy hydration to more customers? Healthy Hydration Staying hydrated is vital for a healthy, energised body, so let us introduce one of...


Pure Printed Boxes

Pet products have to appeal to both the pet and the owner. You want both parties to be excited at the arrival of your branded boxes. That depends on the goods arriving in pristine condition and the packaging looking the part. Pure Pet Food Back in 2013,...


Is your Packaging & Print Vegan?

When reviewing their boxes, one customer asked if the packaging we supplied was vegan-friendly. There are no obvious animal products in our packaging materials or processes, but it prompted deeper research. It transpired that we couldn't evidence that flood printing inks are vegan and that...