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Pure pet food is offered as a subscription service, with regular deliveries made. The company wanted bold, printed packaging that would stand their boxes apart.
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Pure Printed Boxes


Pure Printed Boxes

Pet products have to appeal to both the pet and the owner. You want both parties to be excited at the arrival of your branded boxes. That depends on the goods arriving in pristine condition and the packaging looking the part.

Pure Pet Food

Back in 2013, two dog owners felt uninspired by the food available for their loyal friends. The same bland looking biscuits or meat full of unappetising ingredients. They wanted to shake things up; providing pet food that was nutritious and only included natural ingredients. This had to be better for a dog’s health and well-being.

Using a process to gently remove the moisture, their preservation method made it convenient to ship and store the food, whilst retaining the nutritional benefits. Each meal is tailored to best suit the age and weight of the dog, as well as any ailments that they might have. Once received, the food is easily rehydrated with the required measure of water and a stir.

In the early days, the company pitched on Dragon’s Den but declined the two offers on the table. This experience gave them confidence that there would be a market for their product and they were right! Almost 10 years since they started out, Pure Pet Food has delivered over 13 million meals and has many happy customers.

“I’m so glad I made the switch to Pure for my Labrador. He has been raw fed, and fed high-quality, natural food before, but due to various allergies and illness, I was struggling to find a food that suited him in all ways.
When I found Pure, I was excited to try it, and so glad I did. Our boy loves Pure, licks his bowl clean every time and it is suiting him absolutely perfectly. Great packaging, great, clear website, and the staff are brilliant, helpful and friendly.”

– H Lloyd, Pure Customer

Bespoke Boxes Stand the Brand Apart

Some customers make a one-off purchase, but Pure is also offered as a subscription service, with regular deliveries made. The company wanted bold, printed packaging that would stand their boxes apart.

Aylesbury Box Company was able to manufacture bespoke boxes with Pure’s brand colours, imagery and font. The robust corrugated cardboard boxes are strong and resilient during transport. They protect the pet food, ensuring it is always delivered in great condition.

The printed packaging includes an internal contrasting colour. The effect is quality food arriving in bespoke boxes that appeal to both owner and pet. They know exactly what’s arrived on the doorstep and they can’t wait to get the packaging opened!

Want to Know More?

Pure is based in West Yorkshire and delivers dog and cat food to pet owners across the UK. Visit the website to discover the best food options for your pet.

Buckinghamshire-based Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist cardboard packaging manufacturer, creating bespoke boxes for companies across the UK. From start-ups to established businesses, we provide print and packaging advice, quotes and samples, so get in touch to discuss your packaging design requirements.

Call 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk

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