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Innovate for Performance & Sustainability

What do manufacturers, theme parks and quarries have in common? Their processes all rely on efficient chain conveyor operation and, this depends on keeping the chain lubricated. However, the manual, brush, drip or spit systems for applying lubrication are messy and wasteful. So, it was...


What’s the Best Packaging Design?

We often see articles and posts showcasing the ‘best packaging design’. Typically, these include stylish graphics and a clever novelty feature. Yes, we can appreciate the skills of the designer and manufacturer, but would this work for your products? So, in this article, we’re exploring...


Bespoke Boxes for Books

Are you on the lookout for a great novel for your summer holidays? Let us tell you about a hidden gem. Coles Books in Bicester is one of those delightful independent shops that exceeds expectations. It will remind you of the joy of buying a...


What’s in Your Ideal Home?

Interior inspiration doesn’t get much bigger than the annual Ideal Home Show. Running until 7 April, this event brings together all the best in furniture, fittings, appliances and accessories. So, what features in your ideal home? Visiting The Ideal Home Show Held in London’s Olympia, the Ideal...


Sustainable Shoes & Boxes

Did you know that the average British woman is said to own 34 pairs of shoes? Despite this, the footwear market forecast shows this is a growth area. Interestingly, UK consumers are showing greater interest in sustainable shoe brands and shoe boxes. In the Market for...


The Future of Packaging

The future of packaging looks set to be a balancing act. Brands want sustainable alternatives to plastic and ways to engage with buyers. However, they also need solutions that are functional and cost-effective. So, as a packaging manufacturer, how do we tick all the boxes? A...


How are Bespoke Boxes Made?

Many people believe that bespoke boxes will cost a lot more than off-the-shelf solutions. However, there is very little difference in the manufacturing process. For this reason, custom packaging can be affordable and may even help to reduce other costs. Let us explain the process. Back...


Kit Boxes: Try a New Hobby!

Are you tempted to get hands-on and learn a new craft? One option is to join a workshop. Alternatively, you can have all the materials and instructions delivered to your door in a kit box! In this article, we hope to inspire you with a...


When Protective Packaging is a Top Priority

Appropriate levels of protection are an important consideration for all packaging designs. However, for some deliveries, it is a top priority. In this article, we share our work with the London Sperm Bank to create protective packaging for their precious cargo. Deliveries to Support Fertility Choosing to...


How to Pack & Ship Fragile Items

We recently read that cardboard boxes were selected as the ideal means of moving flamingos to a South Carolina zoo. With this in mind, let’s talk about how to pack and ship fragile items. The Decision to Pack and Ship in Cardboard Boxes When 15 fully grown...