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Recent interest in sustainable shoes is a relatively new development. However, shoe boxes have long been a sustainable choice.
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Sustainable Shoes & Boxes


Sustainable Shoes & Boxes

Did you know that the average British woman is said to own 34 pairs of shoes? Despite this, the footwear market forecast shows this is a growth area. Interestingly, UK consumers are showing greater interest in sustainable shoe brands and shoe boxes.

In the Market for Sustainable Shoes

Once our feet stop growing, a well-made pair can last for years, so it’s easy to accumulate quite a collection. As a result, most of us have trainers for comfort, as well as sports, along with shoes for work and social events. In addition, we buy sturdy boots for winter and sandals or flip-flops for when the sun finally comes out.

The latest Statista information* forecasts continued growth for the UK footwear market. What’s more, they predict an average volume per person will be 4.5 pairs. The report also indicates a shift in consumer priorities. As such, shoppers are increasingly looking for brands offering sustainable shoes and shoe boxes.

What are Sustainable Shoes?

Sustainable shoe brands include VEJA, Thought, Vivo Barefoot and Rock Fall. They manufacture shoes using:

Sustainable materials

Shoes, boots and trainers can be made using recycled rubber, textiles and plastic, natural fibres such as cork and jute or faux leather microfibres. Using recycled materials for uppers, soles and laces minimises the need to source raw materials and results in circular manufacturing processes.

Socially responsible production

Beyond the materials, sustainable production relies on non-exploitative working standards and fair pay. As such, all workers making the shoes should be able to afford to buy themselves and their family footwear, food and more. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Manufacturing methods

Additionally, to be sustainable, the manufacturing methods used must aim to minimise waste, along with reducing water and energy use.

Sustainable Shoe Design

A well-made shoe can last for years and it is important to consider the entire life cycle at the design stage. How durable is the footwear and can its life be extended by reheeling or new soles? Are the materials used biodegradable or can they be separated for recycling?

Sustainable Shoe Boxes

This interest in sustainable shoes is a relatively new development. However, shoe boxes have long been a sustainable choice. The majority of footwear is sold in corrugated cardboard boxes, which are manufactured from a high percentage of recycled paper fibres. The boxes are also 100% recyclable, along with tissue paper and paper moulds that are often used inside the boxes.

Corrugated cardboard is practical packaging for shoes, as it is sufficiently robust and cushioned to protect the shoes in transport. Shoe boxes can be stacked in the store room, ready for presenting to the customer for fitting or despatched for online purchases.

What’s more, bespoke boxes can be produced in a variety of dimensions to accommodate various shoe, trainer or boot sizes. Features including die-cut holes make it easier to remove boxes from a stack, so you can grab the right size.

Another advantage is that corrugated cardboard shoe boxes are easy to brand. As such, the outside can be printed with brand colours and logos. The inside is often plain, however, this space can be used to print shoe care information, a brand story or social profiles.

As specialists in cardboard and an FSC® certified packaging manufacturer, we have created sustainable shoe boxes for several brands. Working to your dimensions, we advise on styles and print finishes that enable your brand to walk tall. If you would like to discuss options and get a quote, we’re happy to assist.

Simply give us a call: 01296 436888 or email

Did you know?

We started with a did you know, so let’s finish with another. The recommended way to keep your shoes in good condition is to store them in their original boxes. A quick clean, then place them back in the box to reduce the risk of them getting scuffed, scratched or squashed.

We realise that this isn’t always practical. However, shoe boxes are widely reused for storage or packaging. You might even fill it with donations for a charity, such as The Shoebox Project. If not, simply flatten your shoe box and place it in your recycling bin for collection. It might then be made into a box for your next pair!



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