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Industry News

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Warehousing and Packaging

Fulfilling our appetite for goods is dependent on two factors; warehousing and packaging. The humble cardboard box and behind-the-scenes operations rarely make the headlines. However, this could be the year when warehousing and packaging make their way into the limelight! The Year of Warehousing To mark its...

100% recycled printed on cardboard

EPR for Packaging Delayed

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This was coming into force as one of many measures to encourage net zero practices. However, at the end of July, the Government announced that EPR packaging is being deferred for a year. Why is this and what does it mean...


What Causes Deforestation?

Forests have always provided resources for the people and animals that live on Earth. However, the demand for certain products has made it profitable to chop down significant areas of forest, replacing the trees with agriculture. Can the actions we take as businesses in Europe...

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We’re Reliant on Woodlands

The Woodland Trust has published a policy report which highlights the importance of trees. It explicitly asks British companies to add their voice and commitment to addressing the need for better woodland management and restoration. As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we’re reliant on woodlands and...


UK Packaging Updates 2023

In our Happy New Year article, we highlighted some goals for 2023. One of these was to help inform customers of EPR regulations aimed to reduce packaging waste. This article is the first step in this process. Reduce Packaging Waste To reduce packaging waste and instigate a...


Cardboard Packaging Industry News

The news of a large fire at Smurfit Kappa was a shock to the cardboard packaging industry. They are a major supplier of cardboard to smaller UK packaging companies, including us, with many people across the industry knowing individuals in the team. We were relieved to...


Plastic Tax & How to Avoid Paying

Plastic pollution is a major environmental issue. Discarded plastic packaging is building up across all parts of the planet, even littering remote locations where plastic has never been produced. The Plastic Tax aims to initiate change among plastic packaging manufacturers and importers. Will your business...


Paper Recycling Award Winners

To preserve and protect natural resources we need two major opportunities. Firstly, the tools to raise awareness around the globe. Secondly, innovation to improve processes, so that waste is minimised. Back in 2000, there was a European Declaration on paper recycling. It stated that by 2020,...


Packaging Reinvented

With a keen interest in the circular economy, Aylesbury Box Company enjoy design ideas that encourage packaging reuse. From beautifully constructed and printed boxes to packaging that becomes part of the product, we have showcased some examples in our blogs. The latest product to come to...


Packaging News

Arctic winds, snow and freezing temperatures didn’t stop Packaging Innovations UK last week. From traditional packaging materials including corrugated cardboard, to innovations pitched at the EcoPack challenge, sustainability was the topic of conversation at this industry exhibition. EcoPack Challenge Winners A Finnish non-profit organisation won the EcoPack...