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As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we’re reliant on woodlands and we are keen to share The Woodland Trust has published a policy report.
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We’re Reliant on Woodlands

sun shining through woodland trees

We’re Reliant on Woodlands

The Woodland Trust has published a policy report which highlights the importance of trees. It explicitly asks British companies to add their voice and commitment to addressing the need for better woodland management and restoration. As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we’re reliant on woodlands and we are keen to share the message.

Woodlands Provide Raw Materials for Packaging

Although cardboard fibres are recycled and reused in the production of boxes, trees provide the raw material. Without trees, there would be no long-term supply of cardboard. Without cardboard boxes, shipping goods would be difficult and costly. Therefore, the need for responsibly managed woodland is essential to our operations.

However, we also understand that trees provide much more than raw materials for packaging. England’s native woodlands offer habitats for a diverse range of flora and fauna that simply cannot exist anywhere else. Around a third of all woodland species are currently in decline across our country and this has broad environmental implications.

In addition, we care about the health and well-being of our team and woodlands provide beautiful, calm places for us all to explore. Our team are fortunate to live and work close to The Chiltern Hills, which are a popular place to unwind, have fun and be active when we’re not at work.

With clear social, economic and environmental benefits, we support The Woodland Trust’s report and the policy and funding requests that they propose. These actions are in everyone’s interest.

Woodland Management, Restoration & Creation

England has several different types of woodland:

  • Ancient woodland
  • Broadleaf woodland
  • Native coniferous
  • Temperate rainforest
  • Timber plantations
  • Wet woodland

Currently, 13% of our country is wooded and these trees capture around 21 million tonnes of CO2 a year (Source: The Wildlife Trust*). The different woodland areas support unique species of wildlife, but a third of these woodland species are in decline.

The Government set a target to halt the decline of species by 2023 and increase biodiversity in England by 10% by 2042. Managing, restoring and creating woodlands is the only way to achieve this goal. They are calling on the Government to commit to policies and a 5-year funding plan that would increase native tree canopy cover to 16% of the land area.

When considering the detrimental effects of deforestation, we often think of the Amazon Rainforest, yet the same issue is occurring on our doorstep. Trees have been lost to agriculture and urban development for centuries. We are now at a critical point, where we must halt deforestation and act on protecting, regenerating and expanding native woodland cover.

Trees & Woods: at the heart of nature recovery in England** provides the case for restoring rare woodlands, including ancient and temperate rainforests. It also aims to increase the connection between people and nature. This can be achieved through urban tree planting and accessible green spaces for everyone to enjoy. It calls on Councils to declare an ecological crisis and to implement Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) to address the issue.

Businesses – Be Part of the Solution

Does your business rely on cardboard shipping boxes, paper-based products or timber? Could operations continue if those resources weren’t readily available? If like us, you are reliant on trees, then consider adding your signature to The Woodland Trust’s campaign. Responsibly managed forests provide sustainable supplies, as well as supporting nature and carbon capture.

Equally, if you value woodlands as places to connect with nature, boost your well-being and provide a great destination for a day out, you may wish to sign it. We can be part of the solution and give nature a helping hand. Through regeneration we’ll can all benefit in the long term.

* https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/habitats/woodland

** https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/publications/2023/06/trees-and-woods-for-nature-recovery-in-england/

 Aylesbury Box Company are an FSC® certified cardboard packaging manufacturer and Corporate Member of The Woodland Trust.


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