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Sustainable Shoes & Boxes

Did you know that the average British woman is said to own 34 pairs of shoes? Despite this, the footwear market forecast shows this is a growth area. Interestingly, UK consumers are showing greater interest in sustainable shoe brands and shoe boxes. In the Market for...


Consumers Say No to Greenwashing

Environmentally conscious shoppers are on the lookout for products that help them make sustainable choices. For this reason, they favour brands with green credentials and take time to look for recognisable symbols on packaging. However, in a bid to win customers, some companies are making...

second hand clothes rail in shop

Packaging Reuse for Second Hand September

Second Hand September is an ideal occasion to consider the options for buying second hand, reusing what you have or donating. These sustainable actions provide cost savings and promote creative thinking. What is Second Hand September? Second Hand September was launched by Oxfam in 2019 to encourage...

100% recycled printed on cardboard

EPR for Packaging Delayed

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This was coming into force as one of many measures to encourage net zero practices. However, at the end of July, the Government announced that EPR packaging is being deferred for a year. Why is this and what does it mean...


Ditch or Switch Plastic Packaging

July is Plastic Free Month! The perfect time to make long-term changes, as an individual, a business or a community, to ditch or switch plastic packaging. Small Changes to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste Can small changes have an impact? You may believe that the scale of the...

cardboard recycling bin stacked with boxes

Recycling Champions

Over half of UK household waste is reused, recycled or composted at the many recycling centres across the country. As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we rely on residents flattening their used boxes and placing them in the recycling bin. Once collected, cardboard is one of...

stack of felled timber

Does Cardboard Cause Deforestation?

At the start of this year, we gathered feedback from customers about our products, services and eco-credentials. One respondent raised concerns about cardboard boxes not being sustainable, as they contributed to deforestation. This individual will not be alone in thinking this, so, we wanted to...


Is Plastic Packaging is Recycled?

When we separate waste and dispose of plastic packaging in recycling bins, we expect it will be collected and recycled into new plastic products. Is this the case? UK Plastic Recycling Rates The British Plastics Federation publishes data* on plastic recovery and recycling rates. As a result,...

Variety of drinks-packaging

Improved Drinks Packaging for Global Brand

When shipping globally, drinks packaging has to be sufficiently robust to ensure your products arrive undamaged. How did we improve the boxes to help bring healthy hydration to more customers? Healthy Hydration Staying hydrated is vital for a healthy, energised body, so let us introduce one of...


Recycling Myths Busted

There is a lot of conflicting information about recycling. Misinformation prevents some people from bothering to separate recyclables and general waste, so it’s time to bust some myths. Recycle Week 2022 Since its launch in 2004, Recycle Week has built awareness of and a commitment to improved...