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3 Essentials for Shelf Ready Packaging

You want customers to find your products when they are shopping yet, you have no control over how frequently retailers replenish the stock. However, by providing your products in shelf ready packaging, you make restocking a quick and easy process. This can help the visibility...

Crystal ball reflecting a tree with rainbow coloured background

Packaging Predictions: What’s in Store for 2024?

There’s no better time for packaging predictions than the New Year! So, what do we see influencing design in the road ahead? Packaging Materials Firstly, after several years of increases, market forecasts suggest that paper prices will stabilise in 2024. This will make it easier for cardboard...


Why Do Brands Change Their Packaging?

It’s widely known that consistent branding helps consumers to build trust in a product or company. As buyers, we spot that familiar box design on the shelf, grab and go. So, why do brands change their packaging? Packaging Rebrand – The Risks & Rewards The main reason...


Ticking the Boxes for Media Packaging

In a world where films, music and books can be streamed and downloaded, is there a need for physical products? We explore the reasons for, and practicalities of, media packaging. Collectable Media If you can watch, listen or read online, is there any need for vinyl, CDs,...


Sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses

Many of our customers are sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses. They are typically looking for a local, responsive packaging manufacturer, who can meet their requirements. In addition, keeping it local reduces delivery costs and environmental impact. As we are based in a county full of SMEs, it...


Sample Boxes for Premium Timbers

It seems that no matter what we want to buy, there’s no shortage of choice. Variety is great, yet sometimes there are so many options that we are unsure of which product to purchase. It is for this reason that sample boxes are popular. Providing a...

cardboard hanger template

Hanging Up the Plastic Packaging

Many brands are taking action to reduce the volume of plastic packaging used to display and deliver products. One of the latest moves has been taken by Sainsbury’s, with Tu Baby Clothing now being presented on cardboard hangers. Cardboard Hangers Replace Plastic Packaging Clothing sold in High...

Cat in printed cardboard box

Cat Friendly Boxes

Every cat owner knows that an empty cardboard box soon becomes a resting place for their feline friend. Now Tesla has released a corrugated cardboard cat house. It’s currently only available in China, but what alternatives do we recommend for UK cat lovers? Why do Cats...


Tips for the Best Printed Packaging Results

Plain boxes protect your goods and ensure they arrive in great condition, so is printed packaging necessary? If so, how do you get the best results? Advantages of Printed Packaging Adding print design to shipping boxes, e-commerce mailers and retail packaging offers an opportunity to enhance the...


Why Use Symbols on Packaging?

There can be a lot of information to share on retail packaging and shipping boxes. This includes instructions for transit handlers, retailers and consumers, so there needs to be a quick reference solution. This is why we use symbols on packaging. Are Symbols on Packaging Better...