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As a fan of a particular genre, artist or writer, you want physical items in your collection and the media packaging can't be an afterthought
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Ticking the Boxes for Media Packaging


Ticking the Boxes for Media Packaging

In a world where films, music and books can be streamed and downloaded, is there a need for physical products? We explore the reasons for, and practicalities of, media packaging.

Collectable Media

If you can watch, listen or read online, is there any need for vinyl, CDs, Blu Ray or books? We can’t deny that streaming extends the reach and accessibility of media. However, if you’re a fan of a particular genre, artist or writer, you want physical items in your collection.

Media products provide a way to physically connect with fans. To entice them in, franchises and publishers often add value to the product. This includes enhanced quality, unique artwork, additional content and signed copies. Another way to drive desirability is with limited editions, where scarcity has the potential to increase collectability and value.

So, what is the album, the series or the signed, first edition that you would love to own?

Media Packaging for Limited Edition Products

In addition to the product, the packaging for these items can’t be an afterthought. Unboxing and presentation are an integral part of the experience. The media packaging has to tie into the brand and ensure the customer feels special when they receive the product. Equally, it has to be designed to fully protect the product and ensure it arrives in mint condition.

For these reasons, there are typically exact specifications for media packaging. In addition, turnaround times are often tight to ensure the distribution date is met.

Meeting the Brief for Media Packaging

We were contacted by a media fulfilment company who needed plain, twist lock mailers for a limited edition Blu Ray box set. Their client had previously had packaging manufactured in Turkey but were now looking for a UK company to meet their specification. The exact requirements for both quality and quantity needed to be met. What’s more, time was of the essence.

Having understood the brief and designed packaging to meet the brief, we sent a sample for our customer’s client to approve. Fortunately, we got the thumbs up the first time. However, our standard lead time was too tight to meet their distribution date.

Aware of the urgency of this order, our team pulled out all the stops to manufacture at speed, without compromising on quality. We maintained contact throughout, to ensure that our customer could keep their client informed.

Did the Media Packaging Tick All the Boxes?

We delivered the mailers several days earlier than initially quoted, enabling the limited edition products to be packaged and distributed on schedule.

The franchise company called our client several days later to say they were really happy with the mailers and service. Apparently, this is not common practice, so it was welcome feedback.

Our customer provided the following comment:

“Larry, the account manager, was incredibly patient and ensured everything was done exactly to the specification needed. I know Reece worked incredibly hard to complete our order ahead of schedule. In fact, all the team, including the accounts department were helpful. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll use Aylesbury Box Company again.”

Manufacturer of Custom Packaging

Aylesbury Box Company is not just a supplier, we are a packaging manufacturer, which gives us full control over our processes. Our experienced team know how to achieve detailed specification and can equally advise on solutions if you are unsure of the best options.

The outcome is that we create custom packaging that optimises the protection and presentation of your products. We can supply one-off runs for product launches, seasonal promotions, limited editions and event merchandise. What would increase the desirability of your product range?

With dedicated account managers, proactive communication and in-house manufacturing, we provide a responsive service. So, how can we help you? Give us a call on 01296 436888 to discuss your requirements or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.


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