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Packaging and Brand Identity

Have you considered the role that packaging plays in your brand identity? Coming up with a company name and deciding what you will sell is the starting point for most retail businesses. You invest in your product range and the company website, then get ready...


Tick All The Boxes to Keep You on Track

New Year’s resolutions; we make them, we break them. However, don’t give up! The majority focus on beneficial improvements that could help us live a fuller life. So, if you need a boost to get you back on track, let us help you tick the...


Printed Packaging for 3D Printing Company

What’s the ideal side hustle for construction engineers? The answer for the husband and wife team at KihaiaPrints was to make something. With an interest in technical modelling, they invested in a 3D printing machine, to provide an accessible route into manufacturing. They came to...


Why Do Brands Change Their Packaging?

It’s widely known that consistent branding helps consumers to build trust in a product or company. As buyers, we spot that familiar box design on the shelf, grab and go. So, why do brands change their packaging? Packaging Rebrand – The Risks & Rewards The main reason...

polystyrene balls breaking up

From Polystyrene to Cardboard

The recent Government ban on polystyrene cups and containers has encouraged many retailers and manufacturers to look at alternatives. From takeaway packaging to protective box inserts for machinery, we’ve helped brands shift from polystyrene to cardboard. We’ve now discovered a British designer, known for his polystyrene...

Blue print custom box

A Run of Custom Boxes

When a local sports and social club wanted custom boxes to keep members on the run, we were happy to deliver. All 500 members of this Buckinghamshire club are serving police officers and police staff and this is reflected in the distinctive blue and white...


Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging

To attract shoppers , retailers have to keep their shelves well stocked. In large stores, this can be an almost constant process. When products are running low, it’s important to have a quick and efficient means of filling the gaps. This is where shelf ready...


Boxes to Light Up your Home

In this article, we’ve focused on lighting up the dark days. The clocks have changed for winter and that means dark evenings, but let us showcase two brands which can light up the winter months; Serious Brands and Hill & May. They also happen to...


Wined & Dined: Boxes to Delight your Tastebuds

We’d like to raise a glass to one of our newest customers; Wined. Their wine and food pairing delivery boxes make evenings in more tempting than ever. From date nights to simply giving yourself a weekly treat, could this be your ideal delivery? An Education in...


This Box Holds the Key to Achieving Fitness Goals

We know there is no magic wand to get us in shape. It takes a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep our body healthy, strong and toned. However, when we do commit to getting and staying fit, we want to notice the difference. If you...