Aylesbury BOX Company | Wined & Dined: Boxes to Delight your Tastebuds
The boxes look fantastic and do the job perfectly. The Aylesbury Box Company team were super helpful throughout the process.
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Wined & Dined: Boxes to Delight your Tastebuds


Wined & Dined: Boxes to Delight your Tastebuds

We’d like to raise a glass to one of our newest customers; Wined. Their wine and food pairing delivery boxes make evenings in more tempting than ever. From date nights to simply giving yourself a weekly treat, could this be your ideal delivery?

An Education in Wine

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine, but we tend to stick to a few favourites that are widely available on supermarket shelves. Branching out to something new can quickly become daunting. The wine world is full of unfamiliar terminology that is a barrier to us learning more about regional specialities, grape varieties and food pairings.

The founders of Wined want to change this. They aim to educate wine newbies; using plain English descriptions of flavours and explaining why certain food pairings work. They want you to enjoy a delicious, chef-curated meal, coupled with award-winning wine, but also understand what to look out for when you next go wine shopping.

The Wined boxes contain all the fresh ingredients needed to make a meal for two and a recipe card. This is accompanied by a bottle of quality wine, that has been selected to perfectly complement the food, and tasting notes. Packaged with natural insulation to keep everything fresh, these boxes could be making their way to your doorstep.

Eco Credentials Inform Packaging Decisions

Like many new enterprises, the founders of Wined understand the importance of minimising their impact on the environment. They have committed to planting a tree for every Meal Box purchased and have found ways to offset the carbon footprint of their team.

When it came to packaging, it was a priority that everything was fully recyclable. They researched all the options and decided upon sheep’s wool insulation and corrugated cardboard boxes. Both are naturally sustainable packaging solutions.

As an FSC® certified packaging supplier, we could reassure the team that our boxes are sustainably sourced and processed. They contain over 80% recycled fibres and are fully recyclable at end of use.

Packaging Advice

Launching a business is a steep learning curve. No matter what your product or service, there are so many different things to plan and action. In the early days, getting advice from specialists can be invaluable in helping you to make sound decisions and ensure you have the essentials in place.

When one of the founders visited Aylesbury Box Company to discuss their packaging requirements, they simply had an outline idea. The delivery boxes had to securely hold a bottle of wine, but as bottles come in different sizes, the solution had to be adaptable. They also had a design outline, incorporating branding and artwork.

Account Manager, Helen, listened to their requirements, talked through the options and showed examples of other cardboard boxes. She addressed their need to optimise the eco-credentials and shared thoughts on an insert that would hold the wine bottle securely in place.

Whilst Wined is keen to educate people on wine and food pairings, our expertise lies in cardboard.  We aim to find the best solution, by fully understanding the requirements and providing packaging advice. We’ll ask you to tell us what you are selling, how it will be transported and stored and your ideas for print.

In exchange, we’ll let you know the best packaging design options for your budget. We can likely offer suggestions that speed up packing, reduce shipping costs, reduce environmental impact and build brand awareness.

Boxes Delivered

We have to admit that our delivery of the Wined boxes was slightly delayed, however, we kept the founders informed on the progress and got the order to them as soon as possible. We think they look great, but what do they think?

“The boxes look fantastic and do the job perfectly. The Aylesbury Box Company team were super helpful throughout the process. They kept us up to date with progress with regular communication and we are pleased we went with Helen’s advice. I can’t praise them enough.”

– Liam Todd, Wined

Get in touch with our team to benefit from packaging advice and cardboard solutions on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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