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Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging


Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging

To attract shoppers , retailers have to keep their shelves well stocked. In large stores, this can be an almost constant process. When products are running low, it’s important to have a quick and efficient means of filling the gaps. This is where shelf ready packaging comes into play.

What is Shelf Ready Packaging?

Shelf ready packaging is a box with a dual role. Firstly, it is used to ship orders to the retailer. Secondly, it has a means of easily removing the top section of the box. This leaves a display tray full which holds the contents. Simply slide the display tray onto the allocated slot on the shelf.

This type of retail packaging can also include free-standing displays, which might be delivered on a pallet. This makes them easy to located at the end of an aisle or as part of a promotional display.

The majority of shelf ready packaging is made from corrugated cardboard. This provides lightweight handling, robust protection during shipping and is easy to print.

What are the Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging?

This type of retail packaging is designed to:

 – Optimise shelf space – products are contained within the dimensions of the box and, with some designs, can be stacked

 – Simplify stock replenishment – one movement to load a full case of products

 – Reduce product handling – lowering the risk of damaged goods

 – Enhance the appearance of products on the shelf – to attract buyers

 – Aid brand communication – providing more space to communicate than the product label

 – Be easy to remove & recycle – the empty boxes are quickly removed, flattened and widely recycled

Shelf Ready Packaging Considerations

When designing shelf ready packaging there are some key considerations.

Firstly, the dimensions of the box have to work for both shipping and display; communication between the distributor, retailer and manufacturer will ensure that the solution works for all parties.

Secondly, the contents of the box must be easily identifiable before it is opened. Warehouse operatives and shelf stackers need to clearly see the brand, the product, the variety and the quantity, to ensure they are replenishing the correct product.

Thirdly, the boxes will include a removable section; this might be a removable lid or tear strip but is typically a small opening and perforations. Provide graphic instructions on how to open the box to make it easy for shelf stackers to follow. It should be possible to open the boxes without ripping them or causing other damage that might impact the brand identity.

Finally, the presentation tray is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. Use it to promote the product in a style that is consistent with your brand.

For further information on design considerations, we refer you to a detailed document produced by the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Executive Board*.

Shelf Ready Packaging UK Manufacturer

As specialists in cardboard packaging, Aylesbury Box Company manufactures and supplies shelf ready packaging for distributors. An example is Groves, the UK’s leading distributor of haberdashery.

Established in 1966, Groves has over 5 decades of experience in supplying sewing, quilting, knitting and other craft materials to retailers. They are an exclusive UK distributor of many leading brands including Dylon, Anchor and Tilda and with worldwide sourcing, their product range offers plenty of choices.

In addition to maintaining high stock availability and reliable next-day delivery services, Groves offers easier filling operations, with tailored shop displays and shelf ready packaging. We have ensured that they can deliver on this promise.

If you are looking for a UK manufacturer of printed, cardboard retail packaging, get in touch with us on 01296 436888 or We will advise on tried and tested styles and print finishes to fit your brand and budget.



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