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Questions to Ask a Packaging Supplier

Have you spent years developing your product range and preparing to launch or grow your business? If so, don’t let your efforts be let down by sub-standard packaging. All too often, postal boxes and even retail packaging are an afterthought. Therefore, quick decisions are made...


Why Switch From Plastic Packaging?

Did you know that 74% of the UK population favour a reduction in plastic packaging use? As a result, many of us are actively looking for brands that use alternative packaging materials. So, a growing number of producers and retailers are switching to more sustainable...


E-commerce Packaging Insight

Looking to grow your e-commerce business? This insight could help. Every year, Mondi surveys thousands of online shoppers to gather insight into changing attitudes and behaviours. One area of focus is e-commerce packaging. As we work with many online retail brands, we’re keen to discover...


A Taste of Argentina

Are you looking for a unique box of chocolates for Mother's Day? Or an indulgent treat for yourself? If so, let us introduce you to tantalising Sur Chocolates! Fortunately, this local business has an online shop, so their irresistible goodies can be delivered to your...


Sustainability at the Heart of Excellence Awards

The shortlist for the 2024 Food Manufacturer Excellence Awards 2024 has been announced. Looking at the credentials of these six companies, it’s clear that they balance quality products and growth opportunities with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to drive sustainability goals. The winner will be announced...

packaging in warehouse

Warehousing and Packaging

Fulfilling our appetite for goods is dependent on two factors; warehousing and packaging. The humble cardboard box and behind-the-scenes operations rarely make the headlines. However, this could be the year when warehousing and packaging make their way into the limelight! The Year of Warehousing To mark its...

Crystal ball reflecting a tree with rainbow coloured background

Packaging Predictions: What’s in Store for 2024?

There’s no better time for packaging predictions than the New Year! So, what do we see influencing design in the road ahead? Packaging Materials Firstly, after several years of increases, market forecasts suggest that paper prices will stabilise in 2024. This will make it easier for cardboard...


Consumers Say No to Greenwashing

Environmentally conscious shoppers are on the lookout for products that help them make sustainable choices. For this reason, they favour brands with green credentials and take time to look for recognisable symbols on packaging. However, in a bid to win customers, some companies are making...

polystyrene balls breaking up

From Polystyrene to Cardboard

The recent Government ban on polystyrene cups and containers has encouraged many retailers and manufacturers to look at alternatives. From takeaway packaging to protective box inserts for machinery, we’ve helped brands shift from polystyrene to cardboard. We’ve now discovered a British designer, known for his polystyrene...

FSC certified companies logo

Seek Out FSC® Certified Companies & Products

FSC® Forest Week launches on Saturday 23 September, with the theme of Trust the Tree. We know that trees are essential for life, yet timber is a valuable resource. Let’s explore why choosing FSC® certified companies and products is the way to protect trees for...