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Questions to Ask a Packaging Supplier


Questions to Ask a Packaging Supplier

Have you spent years developing your product range and preparing to launch or grow your business? If so, don’t let your efforts be let down by sub-standard packaging. All too often, postal boxes and even retail packaging are an afterthought. Therefore, quick decisions are made about which packaging supplier to use, largely based on the cheapest option.

By offering you advice on the questions to ask packaging suppliers, we intend to help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Make time to contact, speak to and compare packaging suppliers, so you get a feel for which one you feel comfortable partnering with.

Questions to Ask Packaging Suppliers

To help you get started, here are six questions that could help you compare on more than just price.

1. Is this box the best option for my requirements?

You are an expert in your field but are likely less informed about packaging design and finishes. As such, you may have an idea of what you need, but it could be a bit of a stab in the dark. So, why not seek advice from a specialist? Ask for advice on if there is a more effective or lower-cost option. Tell them about any concerns you have and listen to their recommendations. Consider how flexible there are in tailoring solutions to your packaging requirements.

2. Can you provide a packaging sample?

Before confirming a bulk order, it is great to have a sample. If your packaging supplier is willing to provide them it allows you to check that that the packaging is fit for purpose. When it arrives, what is your first impression? Do your products fit and look well-presented inside? Put products in the sample and send it to your home address and drop test to check that the goods remain undamaged.

3. What are the green credentials of the packaging?

Customers care about sustainability and favour easy-to-recycle, plastic-free packaging. Therefore, your choice of packaging material will impact sales. Our advice is to stick to a single material whenever possible. Additionally, ask about the packaging supplier’s environmental and social policy, as this impacts your supply chain sustainability.

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4. What are the typical lead times?

The answer will depend on the complexity of your packaging design and will be slightly longer for a first order. However, by choosing a local packaging supplier, you will likely receive a more responsive service and quicker turnaround. Consider how the lead time will affect the business as things scale and you need to replenish stock.

5. Is there a minimum order?

Paying upfront for a high volume of boxes can be a challenge. It also creates a few issues with finding sufficient dry, clean space for storing the packaging and can be wasteful. What if you diversify stock or find that customers are buying in different quantities than you expected? Therefore, if you are just launching, it can be useful to find a packaging supplier with a low, or no, minimum order requirement.

6. Do you manufacture the packaging in-house?

If a packaging supplier manufactures the products in-house, they have greater control over the process and quality standards. They are likely to be more flexible in fulfilling your requirements and charge a competitive rate.

In asking these questions, you’ll get a feel for whether this is a packaging supplier that you can work with, as well as gaining the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Specialist Cardboard Packaging Supplier

Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist in cardboard packaging. We would love to be on the list of packaging suppliers you contact for advice, information, a sample and a quote. Give us a call on 01296 436888 or email

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