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4 Packaging Design Essentials

We all judge on appearances and that is why packaging design matters. As customers, we often have nothing more than the packaging to go on before making a purchase. The boxes, bottles and tins indicate whether this product can meet our needs and match our...


How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

Have you avoided getting a quote for bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Before you make your decision, let us share information on the cost of custom printed boxes. Packaging Costs for Online Retailers One of the reasons that many online retailers opt for off-the-shelf,...


The Benefits of FSC® Certified Products

Do you look out for the tick tree logo on paper and wood products? Have you spotted it on notebooks, furniture, toilet rolls or packaging? This small symbol indicates ethical processes have been followed to make that product. So, what are the benefits of FSC®...


Sustainability at the Heart of Excellence Awards

The shortlist for the 2024 Food Manufacturer Excellence Awards 2024 has been announced. Looking at the credentials of these six companies, it’s clear that they balance quality products and growth opportunities with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to drive sustainability goals. The winner will be announced...


Box Company is Christmas Ready!

So, it’s our final day of 2023 at Aylesbury Box Company. The team have cleared their workspaces and everyone is ready for a much-deserved break with family and friends. Boxes Galore! This year, our industrious factory team have manufactured over 10 million boxes in all shapes and...


Reshoring & Supply Chain Sustainability

For decades, it’s been cheaper to import goods from around the globe than to produce them locally, but the tide is changing. So, what is driving reshoring and how is this impacting supply chain sustainability? UK Businesses Favour Local Suppliers & Production Brexit, Covid, the war in...


Environmental Good News

We know that there are many environmental issues impacting our world. However, many of us have made multiple changes to reduce the escalation of environmental problems. So, are our efforts making a difference? Let us share some environmental good news! Prioritising Sustainability Over recent years, a growing...

second hand clothes rail in shop

Packaging Reuse for Second Hand September

Second Hand September is an ideal occasion to consider the options for buying second hand, reusing what you have or donating. These sustainable actions provide cost savings and promote creative thinking. What is Second Hand September? Second Hand September was launched by Oxfam in 2019 to encourage...

100% recycled printed on cardboard

EPR for Packaging Delayed

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This was coming into force as one of many measures to encourage net zero practices. However, at the end of July, the Government announced that EPR packaging is being deferred for a year. Why is this and what does it mean...

woman balancing boxes on her head

Balancing the Box

Packaging design is far more than strong branding. Achieving effective solutions that fulfil every step in the supply chain and circular economy requires balancing the box requirements. In this article, we outline some points to consider for your packaging project. Protective Packaging The main purpose of packaging...