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Do you look out for the tick tree logo on paper and wood products? In this article, we explore the benefits of FSC® certified products.
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The Benefits of FSC® Certified Products


The Benefits of FSC® Certified Products

Do you look out for the tick tree logo on paper and wood products? Have you spotted it on notebooks, furniture, toilet rolls or packaging? This small symbol indicates ethical processes have been followed to make that product. So, what are the benefits of FSC® certified products?

What is the FSC®?

We all know that trees and biodiverse habitats are essential for life on Earth. Woodlands and forests enable us to breathe. In addition, they provide a home to plants, animals and people that could not survive in other environments. Equally, they provide a wealth of resources that we use in everyday life including timber and rubber.

The Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1994 to protect the world’s woodlands and forests. As an international organisation, it aims to ensure forests are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

Trees are a finite resource, yet the timber is valuable, so areas of forest are always being felled. When this isn’t managed, the process is destructive and the impact is felt in many ways. For example, deforestation can result in habitat loss, soil erosion and flooding. To address this, the FSC® provides support and accreditation to promote sustainable forest management.

Landowners who meet and comply with a comprehensive set of standards can achieve FSC® certification. This globally recognised symbol indicates actions to preserve, protect and renew forests. This benefits us today, as well as generations in the future.

Why Buy FSC® Certified Products?

Another part of the FSC® remit is to encourage manufacturers, retailers and buyers to specify FSC® certified products. When we favour certified products, we support the landowners and workers who are ensuring the long-term future of our forests.

This is an effective way to play a small part in protecting the natural environment. As such, the tick tree symbol is an assurance that trees haven’t been illegally felled to produce your dining table, cardboard boxes or birthday card. Also, people haven’t been exploited in the process.

We’re an FSC® Certified Packaging Company

Aylesbury Box Company was proud to become an FSC® certified packaging company in July 2021. Before that, we used FSC® certified timber for cardboard box manufacturing. However, this recognised our green credentials and our actions to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

As part of our ongoing compliance, we require that all products in our FSC-certified Chain of Custody meet FSC regulations. In addition, we use a Quality Management System and ensure that all our suppliers also comply with this requirement. As a result, when manufacturers and retailers buy from us, they can confidently assure their customers that ethical standards have been met.

We know that gaining this accreditation has been an asset to our business. Many of our customers are keen to use sustainable packaging. As such, they chose us as a packaging supplier because we have FSC® certification to evidence the standards we’ve achieved. If you are considering applying, we would recommend it. The process requires a deep delve into practices and work on improvements, but the rewards are high.

Should We Use Wood & Wood-based Products?

Some people ask us whether we should be using wood-based packaging at all. They believe it is better to leave trees standing and find alternatives. However, the commercial value of forestry is a big incentive in encouraging Governments and landowners to preserve, protect and renew trees. If we stopped wanting wood and wood-based products, it would be more profitable to convert the land to grazing or build on it.

Sustainably sourced wood and wood-based products are renewable and low-carbon goods. To continue the sustainability cycle, many can be recycled for reuse. That includes our cardboard boxes! These are manufactured from a high percentage of recycled fibres and are 100% recyclable after use.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for sustainable packaging on 01296 436888 or

The FSC® Strategic Plan

The Forest Stewardship Council has recently published its strategic priorities for 2024-27. It includes promoting certification and specification. We want to second this message and communicate the value of keeping an eye out for the tick tree logo. Let this influence your purchasing decisions and help ensure the future of forests.

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