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packaging waste


Count Your Plastic Packaging

A recent YouGov poll reveals that 71% of consumers think retailers and supermarkets use too much packaging. If you agree that there is too much packaging waste, what action can you take to drive change? Reduce and Recycle to Minimise Packaging Waste The majority of consumers are...

Recycle label on packaging

Divide & Conquer for Recycling Week

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Recycling Week. That’s two decades of raising awareness of the benefits of avoiding waste to landfill. You would think that two decades of education would make us all recycling experts, yet it isn’t always straightforward. Bin it or...


Is Plastic Packaging is Recycled?

When we separate waste and dispose of plastic packaging in recycling bins, we expect it will be collected and recycled into new plastic products. Is this the case? UK Plastic Recycling Rates The British Plastics Federation publishes data* on plastic recovery and recycling rates. As a result,...


Can We Make Packaging Waste Disappear?

Single-use packaging waste is polluting the planet and impacting the health of flora and fauna that depends on nature, including us. Imagine the benefits to our rivers, oceans and countryside if we could make it disappear! One company is developing true solutions that do just...


Recycling Myths Busted

There is a lot of conflicting information about recycling. Misinformation prevents some people from bothering to separate recyclables and general waste, so it’s time to bust some myths. Recycle Week 2022 Since its launch in 2004, Recycle Week has built awareness of and a commitment to improved...


How to Reduce Packaging Waste

Zero Waste Week This week is Zero Waste Week, an opportunity to consider what happens when we dispose of packaging waste and other rubbish. We explore if there are alternative options to reduce the volume of rubbish being sent to landfill. Where does the Litter Go? During the...


Packaging Pollution: Brands Exposed

A place on a Top Companies list usually means positive publicity, but the Dirty Dozen is different. It focuses on packaging pollution and names the brands exposed as being responsible for the highest volume of branded litter in the UK. Surfers Against Sewage highlight the...


What can we Learn from Easter Egg Packaging?

It’s hard not to notice that Easter Eggs started making an appearance on the supermarket shelves as soon as the Christmas stock had cleared. Perceived as one of the worst examples of excessive packaging, do Easter Eggs deserve their bad press? Excessive Packaging in Decline There is...