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Cardboard Packaging


Cardboard Music Promotion

For the first time in three decades, vinyl records are included in the list of items used to calculate monthly inflation in the UK. As a result of a resurgence in demand, 6.5 million vinyl records were sold in 2023. It seems that many people...

drinks packaging - cans in a box

Changing Drinks Packaging

Plastic and glass bottles are popular types of drinks packaging, but there is a growing demand for beverage cans. So, what is driving this change? Facts about Canned Drinks Packaging Around 370 billion beverage cans a year are produced globally, with 75% made from aluminium and 25%...

cardboard recycling bin

Paper and Cardboard Recycling Bins

Paper and cardboard are among of the most commonly recycled packaging materials in the UK. As a nation, we are adept at placing e-commerce delivery boxes, carton board packaging and paper waste into household and commercial recycling bins. Then, local Council collections take this packaging...

cardboard box and tools for resizing

How to Resize Cardboard Boxes

You have something to send and have a box to reuse, but it is too big. Is there a way to resize cardboard boxes to save you from buying more packaging? The Issue with Oversized Cardboard Boxes Oversized boxes are not viewed positively by recipients and they...


Perfect Presentation with Packaging Inserts

How can you reduce the volume of goods damaged in transit and ensure that the unboxing experience is consistent for every customer? One option is to slot your goods into specially designed packaging inserts. These hold items in place and protect them. As a result,...


Packaging Fresh & Fragrant Flowers

Giving flowers is an expression of appreciation, gratitude, joy, sympathy or apology, but how do flowers make it from farm to florists? We explore flower growers and cardboard flower packaging. Why Do People Buy Flowers as Gifts? A small bunch of daffodils in spring or an elaborate...


What’s on the Cards for Cardboard Packaging?

Meeting the demand for cardboard packaging has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Aylesbury Box Company and other packaging manufacturers. Globally, demand outstripped supply in early 2021 and we had to respond. We expanded to fulfil customer orders, but what is in store...

printed box and contents

British Made Product & Packaging

When it comes to packaging, we compete against the mass production of large-scale factories in China. The scale of their operations allows them to offer cheap boxes, but the finish is variable and the service is impersonal. By offering quality materials, responsive service and a...


Packaging for a New Retailer

Aylesbury Box Company has recently had the pleasure of delivering an order of printed cardboard boxes to a new retailer in Henley-on-Thames. This beautiful town is famous for its Royal Regatta and if you are looking for a delightful place to visit for a staycation, Henley...


Meal Kit Boxes and the Circular Economy

The options for eating out have been limited over the past year. Even when restaurants and pubs reopened, eating outdoors was encouraged. Unpredictable weather has made that less appealing, so it’s little wonder that the demand for Meal Kit boxes continues to be strong. As a...