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One of the challenges of selling flowers is keeping them fresh. The large flower boxes used by growers, as well as smaller flower packaging that is used to send bouquets to customers have to be strong, moisture resistant and insulated.
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Packaging Fresh & Fragrant Flowers


Packaging Fresh & Fragrant Flowers

Giving flowers is an expression of appreciation, gratitude, joy, sympathy or apology, but how do flowers make it from farm to florists? We explore flower growers and cardboard flower packaging.

Why Do People Buy Flowers as Gifts?

A small bunch of daffodils in spring or an elaborate summer bouquet is a simple way to show someone you love and care for them. The biggest flower buying occasions are Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, but flowers are a popular choice for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.

In the UK, 60% of cut flowers are bought as a gift. A vase of flowers brings colour and scent into our homes and office and this can lift our spirits. A connection with nature is known to have positive effects on our well-being and seeing the blooms each time you walk into the room is a reminder of the kind gesture.

Weddings and funerals make up 20% of flower purchases. They help personalise the church or venue to the desired taste and style. Throwing the wedding bouquet is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. It is a way for the bride to pass on some of her good fortunes to single friends. This seems dated in modern society, but it remains a popular part of the day. Maybe it’s just the chance to grab glorious flowers for the home!

The final 20% of purchases are for the buyer’s home or workplace; they are a gift to themselves and why not?

Fresh Flower Packaging

Of all the flowers that are available in UK florists, supermarkets and online retailers, 90% are imported. The majority come from The Netherlands, a country that has long specialised in the growing, harvesting and supply of blooms.

Several equatorial countries have been gaining market share, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia and Ecuador. These countries have long sunlight hours, coupled with high altitudes and cool nights. The conditions mean that flowers can be grown throughout the year and the process is less energy intensive.

One of the challenges of exporting, importing  and selling flowers is keeping them fresh. A beautiful bunch of blooms is dependent on:

 – Picking at the optimum time

 – Rapidly packaging flowers

 – Storing and transporting in cold chain refrigeration

 – Plunging them into water as soon as possible

 – Quickly selling them to customers

The flower packaging has to be strong, moisture resistant and insulated. This applies to the large flower boxes used by growers, as well as smaller flower packaging that is used to send bouquets to customers. Internal sections can help to keep stalks straight and aid presentation.

As flowers are often transported in large quantities, having stackable flower boxes is a priority for many florists and online retailers. The option to customise flower boxes, with branding, graphic designs and/or text is also favoured. This adds to the customers’ sense of receiving something special. Internal printing can also be used to provide care instructions or ideas for creating a stunning floral display.

What Options are there for Flower Boxes?

The two main flower packaging options are letterbox-friendly or bouquet boxes.

Letterbox-friendly flower boxes are designed to be delivered whether the recipient is in or not. Taking fresh flowers back to a sorting office to await collection is not viable, so being able to post them is beneficial.  A collection of individual stems is placed into these slimline boxes, ready for the recipient to unpack and create a display.

Bouquet boxes are typically cuboid, providing space for a pre-assembled bunch of flowers to be delivered. Sometimes, a vase or water pouch is included.

In both cases, corrugated cardboard offers the strength, protection and insulation needed to keep the blooms in good condition. It can be printed with designs for customised flower boxes and is 100% recyclable after use.

If you have questions about cardboard packaging for flowers, contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or As box manufacturers, we can produce custom packaging design solutions to fit your requirements.

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