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The Good Level were keen to use recycled and recyclable packaging materials. They are conscious producers, actively offsetting carbon emissions, so the packaging and packaging supplier had to fit with these principles.
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British Made Product & Packaging

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British Made Product & Packaging

When it comes to packaging, we compete against the mass production of large-scale factories in China. The scale of their operations allows them to offer cheap boxes, but the finish is variable and the service is impersonal. By offering quality materials, responsive service and a greatly reduced carbon footprint, we attract customers.

This experience is shared by one of our recent customers, The Good Level. They specialise in cold-pressed CBD products, grown, harvested and extracted in Britain. Large-scale producers in other parts of the globe are supplying cheaper options, but quality and consistency are often compromised. Working with British farmers, who the team have met in person, is one of many steps to ensure an effective end product.

Introducing The Good Level

The Good Level was established in early 2021 by two founders. They had personally researched and used Cannabinoid oils to improve their health and well-being but had varying results. They saw a fresh approach and founded a business with a focus on smaller volume production. Their business model enables quality assurance to be implemented at every stage, from growing and extracting to packaging and sales.

Cannabinoids, known as CBD products, are proven to provide a natural alternative to painkillers and other medication. There is no side effect and CBD massage oils, balms, tea and sweets have brought benefits to individuals suffering from conditions as varied as psoriasis, epilepsy, insomnia and ADHD. Prescribed to children since 2018, they are considered a safe, natural remedy.

The Packaging Brief

When packaging their product range, The Good Level were keen to use recycled and recyclable materials. They are conscious producers, actively offsetting carbon emissions, so the packaging and packaging supplier had to fit with these principles.

The postal boxes needed to be sufficiently sturdy to protect the goods inside during shipping. In addition, there was the desire for something that looked good and reflected the value of the product. They wanted customers to perceive everything about their brand as being of quality.

Finally, like their product, The Good Level wanted a British packaging company, ideally one located in the South East. This made sense from an environmental perspective. It also improved the chances of a working relationship being formed and, if needed, there is the option of popping in to resolve issues.

A Google search shortlisted several UK packaging suppliers and a conversation with each allowed pricing and customer service to be compared.

“Aylesbury Box Company came across well; they understood our remit, were thorough in the information supplied and were competitive on price. Helen has been a pleasure to work with and the packaging and design came back perfectly it looks good.”

– Joe Dobbs, The Good Level

Marketing the Business

Creating a strong brand image with the packaging is especially important for The Good Level. CBD products cannot be advertised on social channels and other options are both limited and inundated. The company have seen the greatest response from direct interaction at trade fairs, markets and other in-person events. Being approachable has opened up many conversations. The team have been able to answer questions, share information and combat the stigma that can surround CBD products. It is all about building trust.

The Good Level currently have a pop-up in Portobello Road, which has gone so well that plans are in place to make it permanent. Strong branding, quality products and a personable approach will help this British made company to continue their success.

UK Packaging Company

If British made products are at the heart of your business, Aylesbury Box Company manufactures and supplies cardboard packaging solutions. We are an FSC® certified packaging supplier, committed to minimising environmental impact, whilst maximising quality and service.

To find out more and discuss your requirements, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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