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How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

Have you avoided getting a quote for bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Before you make your decision, let us share information on the cost of custom printed boxes. Packaging Costs for Online Retailers One of the reasons that many online retailers opt for off-the-shelf,...


To Roll or Fold When Packaging?

As this year’s holiday season kicks off, the ‘roll or fold when packing’ debate continues. However, it isn’t just tourists that need to consider the best way to pack. It is also important for anyone running an e-commerce clothing business. So, let’s add our thoughts...

Printed box with graphics and information

Is Your E-commerce Packaging a Missed Opportunity?

Almost any product can now be purchased online and UK residents love to browse the internet. However, the majority of orders arrive in plain cardboard boxes. Is this a wise decision or a missed opportunity for e-commerce packaging? UK Desire for Online Shopping According to the latest...


Box Company is Christmas Ready!

So, it’s our final day of 2023 at Aylesbury Box Company. The team have cleared their workspaces and everyone is ready for a much-deserved break with family and friends. Boxes Galore! This year, our industrious factory team have manufactured over 10 million boxes in all shapes and...

Cornish seaweed products and packaging

Vegan Subscription Boxes & Products

Wednesday 1 November is World Vegan Day and you don't have to be a vegan to join in. Instead, see this is an opportunity to consider incorporating more plant-based and animal cruelty-free products into your lifestyle. The challenge can be knowing where to start. What...


Pawsitive News for Pet Retailers

Pets are part of the family. As such, they provide unconditional love and companionship, so it is no wonder that pet ownership is on the rise. This is great news for pet retailers, who are experiencing a rise in sales. As we supply packaging for...

cardboard recycling bin stacked with boxes

Recycling Champions

Over half of UK household waste is reused, recycled or composted at the many recycling centres across the country. As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we rely on residents flattening their used boxes and placing them in the recycling bin. Once collected, cardboard is one of...


Options to Seal Boxes for Shipping

The products sent in your e-commerce boxes or industrial cartons are only secure and protected when the box has been sealed. So, what are the options to seal boxes for shipping? 4 Options for Sealing Cardboard Boxes There are four main options for sealing cardboard boxes: Tape –...


E-commerce Packaging: Where to Start

Your product range is sorted and now you need e-commerce packaging. So, how do you know what you need when this isn’t your area of expertise? For many online retailers, the easy option is to order off-the-shelf postal boxes, but this is unlikely to be...


How is Cardboard Packaging Manufactured?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used for shipping goods, but how are they manufactured and why are they a popular packaging material? How are Cardboard Boxes Made? Renewable materials Corrugated cardboard is made from a high percentage (over 70%) of recycled cardboard fibres, combined with raw paper pulp...