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To Roll or Fold When Packaging?


To Roll or Fold When Packaging?

As this year’s holiday season kicks off, the ‘roll or fold when packing’ debate continues. However, it isn’t just tourists that need to consider the best way to pack. It is also important for anyone running an e-commerce clothing business. So, let’s add our thoughts to the debate.

Space for Packing & Product Presentation

Rolling and folding have their advantages. Therefore, much of the decision is based on personal preference. The other key consideration is the available space. For holidaymakers, the dimensions of the case or bag will determine the best method. For e-commerce, you need to consider the postal boxes or bags.

Equally important is presentation. From independent boutiques to High Street stores, considerable work goes into laying out the clothing to make them appealing. Each shop has a technique for folding, rolling or hanging clothes to showcase shapes, colours, graphics and logos. We know presentation informs purchasing decisions.

Although online buyers have already made their selection, presentation remains important. If they open a delivery to find a bundle, there is an increased chance of a return. Whereas, taking care with the presentation to deliver a positive unboxing experience will elevate the value of the item.

Postal Boxes for Clothes

Some brands use sealed plastic bags for sending e-commerce clothing orders. Whilst these are lightweight and strong, we don’t recommend them. Firstly, plastic packaging won’t be well received by many of your customers. And, even if you use biodegradable alternatives, the fabrics will bundle up in transit.

There are several disadvantages of a bundle. Firstly, it causes creasing. Secondly, it’s far from the professional image that you want associated with your brand. Thirdly, it can cost more to send. That’s because your package may fit the accepted dimension of a large envelope or small parcel when packed flat, but not when bundled up. Paying over the odds for postage has driven several brands to choose cardboard postal boxes.

Our advice is to use custom boxes that your clothes will easily fit into. Firstly, the right size prevents clothing from being scrunched up and squeezed in. Secondly, the rigidity of a box helps the clothes to stay in place. Both aid presentation when the box is opened and reduce creasing. Equally, box dimensions remain unchanged, so you have fixed postal charges.

Roll or Fold for E-commerce Packing

We supply packaging to several online clothing brands and some prefer to fold, whilst others roll. An advantage of folded apparel is that it is possible to send some smaller items in slimline boxes. These can be delivered through the letterbox to maximise convenience for the customer. Folding is generally the preferred option for t-shirts and formalwear like shirts.

An advantage of rolled apparel is that all items in the box can be seen as the packaging is opened. Rolling is often favoured by companies selling synthetic fibres, such as swimwear and sportswear, as well as socks. Additionally, rolling enables items to be compacted into smaller boxes or tubes.

As efficiency and speed are essential on a packing line, some of the decision is made on the best way to store stock. Are your items already folded on the shelf? If so, the easiest option is to place them straight into the postal box.

Avoid Plastic Packaging When Shipping Clothes

Whether rolling or folding works for your stock, we encourage you to avoid unnecessary use of plastic. Each item doesn’t need to be individually wrapped in a bag. If you chose to separate items in the box, why not use tissue paper? This can even be printed with your branding or a simple graphic design.

One final suggestion is to use resealable boxes for your deliveries. We can add an adhesive strip to the box, which enables it to be reused for returns.

E-commerce Packaging for Online Retailers

At Aylesbury Box Company, we provide off-the-shelf and custom e-commerce packaging for online retailers. Our friendly team are happy to advise on cost-effective solutions to aid presentation, along with print finishes that showcase your brand.

Give us a call on 01296 436888 to discuss your requirements and we’ll supply a quote. Alternatively, email

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