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4 Packaging Design Essentials

We all judge on appearances and that is why packaging design matters. As customers, we often have nothing more than the packaging to go on before making a purchase. The boxes, bottles and tins indicate whether this product can meet our needs and match our...


Why Switch From Plastic Packaging?

Did you know that 74% of the UK population favour a reduction in plastic packaging use? As a result, many of us are actively looking for brands that use alternative packaging materials. So, a growing number of producers and retailers are switching to more sustainable...


Green Initiatives

Ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and waste require investment in green technologies and incentives to encourage sustainable practices. The Plastic Packaging Tax is one initiative aimed at convincing manufacturers and retailers to embrace alternative packaging materials. But, does it go far enough or do we...


Count Your Plastic Packaging

A recent YouGov poll reveals that 71% of consumers think retailers and supermarkets use too much packaging. If you agree that there is too much packaging waste, what action can you take to drive change? Reduce and Recycle to Minimise Packaging Waste The majority of consumers are...


Sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses

Many of our customers are sustainable Buckinghamshire Businesses. They are typically looking for a local, responsive packaging manufacturer, who can meet their requirements. In addition, keeping it local reduces delivery costs and environmental impact. As we are based in a county full of SMEs, it...

woman balancing boxes on her head

Balancing the Box

Packaging design is far more than strong branding. Achieving effective solutions that fulfil every step in the supply chain and circular economy requires balancing the box requirements. In this article, we outline some points to consider for your packaging project. Protective Packaging The main purpose of packaging...


Ditch or Switch Plastic Packaging

July is Plastic Free Month! The perfect time to make long-term changes, as an individual, a business or a community, to ditch or switch plastic packaging. Small Changes to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste Can small changes have an impact? You may believe that the scale of the...


What Defines Good Packaging Design?

We are halfway through the year, so now is a great opportunity to look at what defines good packaging design in 2023. In our experience, there are several priorities for both customers and end consumers. The Role of Packaging Packaging has several key roles to perform and...

cardboard recycling bin

Paper and Cardboard Recycling Bins

Paper and cardboard are among of the most commonly recycled packaging materials in the UK. As a nation, we are adept at placing e-commerce delivery boxes, carton board packaging and paper waste into household and commercial recycling bins. Then, local Council collections take this packaging...


Circular Thinking: Glass Jars & Cardboard Boxes

When a company has been successfully built around environmentally and socially sustainable principles, circular thinking comes naturally. Every decision considers the full impact of production and processes. This means packaging materials that are made from recycled material and are widely recycled. E-commerce Packaging for Sustainable Sea...