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Bespoke boxes


How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

Have you avoided getting a quote for bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Before you make your decision, let us share information on the cost of custom printed boxes. Packaging Costs for Online Retailers One of the reasons that many online retailers opt for off-the-shelf,...


Sustainable Shoes & Boxes

Did you know that the average British woman is said to own 34 pairs of shoes? Despite this, the footwear market forecast shows this is a growth area. Interestingly, UK consumers are showing greater interest in sustainable shoe brands and shoe boxes. In the Market for...


How are Bespoke Boxes Made?

Many people believe that bespoke boxes will cost a lot more than off-the-shelf solutions. However, there is very little difference in the manufacturing process. For this reason, custom packaging can be affordable and may even help to reduce other costs. Let us explain the process. Back...


Kit Boxes: Try a New Hobby!

Are you tempted to get hands-on and learn a new craft? One option is to join a workshop. Alternatively, you can have all the materials and instructions delivered to your door in a kit box! In this article, we hope to inspire you with a...


When Protective Packaging is a Top Priority

Appropriate levels of protection are an important consideration for all packaging designs. However, for some deliveries, it is a top priority. In this article, we share our work with the London Sperm Bank to create protective packaging for their precious cargo. Deliveries to Support Fertility Choosing to...


How to Pack & Ship Fragile Items

We recently read that cardboard boxes were selected as the ideal means of moving flamingos to a South Carolina zoo. With this in mind, let’s talk about how to pack and ship fragile items. The Decision to Pack and Ship in Cardboard Boxes When 15 fully grown...


Sample Boxes for Premium Timbers

It seems that no matter what we want to buy, there’s no shortage of choice. Variety is great, yet sometimes there are so many options that we are unsure of which product to purchase. It is for this reason that sample boxes are popular. Providing a...

small box of matches

All Boxes Big & Small

Aylesbury Box Company manufactures cardboard boxes to your specifications. For boxes big or small, simply tell us what you need and we’ll advise on the most effective and affordable packaging solutions. Big Boxes or Something Smaller? Our experienced team produce thousands of standard-sized boxes for manufacturers, retailers...

Blue print custom box

A Run of Custom Boxes

When a local sports and social club wanted custom boxes to keep members on the run, we were happy to deliver. All 500 members of this Buckinghamshire club are serving police officers and police staff and this is reflected in the distinctive blue and white...


Ice Cream Boxes Delivered

Hot summer days mean BBQs, trips to the seaside and ice cream. So, which are the best flavours and can you get ice cream boxes delivered to your door? Ticking all the Boxes: Ice Cream Awards We all have our favourite flavours of ice cream or sorbet....