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Are you tempted to learn a new craft? One option is to have all the materials and instructions delivered to your door in a kit boxes!
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Kit Boxes: Try a New Hobby!


Kit Boxes: Try a New Hobby!

Are you tempted to get hands-on and learn a new craft? One option is to join a workshop. Alternatively, you can have all the materials and instructions delivered to your door in a kit box! In this article, we hope to inspire you with a few suggestions for creative pursuits that you can try at home. All of the following kit boxes focus on sewing.

Dallas Designs Stitching Kit Boxes

Needlepoint graces the walls of stately homes and castles, so why not give this craft a try and adorn your home? The printed canvas guides the design that you stitch. A needlepoint kit will also include instructions, a suitable needle and a selection of Appleton wools.

Dallas Designs is a recently launched company. Founder, Kate Dallas, is a keen crafter who loves the process of stitching, yet she often dislikes the final image. She wanted brighter, graphic designs that she’d be happy to display at home and appeal to modern makers.

Her range includes zodiac kits, cushion covers with 90’s film quotes and stitched patches for customising clothes. All the Dallas Design kits are suitable for beginners, as well as those with previous experience in needlepoint. Are you inspired to give it a go?

A Request for Kit Boxes

Aylesbury Box Company was delighted to work with Kate to produce the boxes to send her kits out in. So, what were her priorities?

Firstly, conscious of minimising carbon emissions, Kate is keen to use local suppliers for both products and packaging. Secondly, as a new business, the option of a low-volume order and one packaging design that could be used across her product range was important. Thirdly, she sought advice to guide her through the process and help her make informed decisions.

The final priority for this fledgling brand was to have quality boxes to protect the contents from damage and give an appealing look. Understandably, Kate wanted buyers to be excited when they received their purchase.

Packaging Advice

Our advice was a plain, folding box with white print. Kate had stickers of her designs printed, which can be applied to customise the packaging. She was delighted when we delivered the boxes and was soon sending them out to customers.

The feedback from customers has been great:

“I love my kit! It came super quickly with secure, lovely packaging! Everything I needed to create was inside with detailed instructions to follow. I’ve made a start and can’t wait to continue working on it. Really great designs and great quality product! Would also make a wonderful gift. Thank you :)”

But, what did Kate think of our service?

“I visited Aylesbury Box Company and found them friendly and approachable. They talked me through the process and let me work through things at my own pace. I felt supported throughout and they even hand-delivered my order just before Christmas. I love the boxes, they look modern. Also, I know that the next order will be cheaper, as I’ve now covered the cost of tooling. Such great service”

 – Kate Dallas, @dallasdesignsuk

When you’ve mastered a few stitches, you can use them to create all manner of items!

Here are a few options that we’ve found:

Bookmaking Craft Kit Boxes

How about sewing a leather-bound journal? These kit boxes from Lucas Ruth Handmade enable you to try a new skill and then you get to use the book for sketching, poetry and other creative pursuits!

Embroidery Kit Boxes

Oh Sew Bootiful offers a great range of designs, with a focus on florals. These are a little more advanced, so may be better suited to those who have caught the sewing bug!

Cloth Kit Dressmaking

Cloth Kits used to be all the rage, but with the rise of fast fashion, demand fell. However, if you love to sew and want the opportunity to make your own clothes, this is a great place to start! Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can often pick up cheap patterns from second hand shops to continue your sewing obsession!

Pin Cushion Sewing Kit

If stitching is a hobby that you are keen to pursue, you might want to sew your own pin cushion. This decorated felt design by Corinne Lapierre, will teach you a few embroidery stitches in the process.

Bespoke Boxes for Make Your Own Kits

If you are an experienced crafter with plans to create and sell craft kits that inspire others to make, give us a call. Our friendly team are happy to advise on solutions that best fit your products, brand and budget. Low-volume runs are not an issue for us, as we manufacture in-house. This is great news for those who are just launching or who want bespoke boxes for limited edition kits.

Find out more about e-commerce packaging by contacting us on 01296 436888 or

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