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The Benefits of FSC® Certified Products

Do you look out for the tick tree logo on paper and wood products? Have you spotted it on notebooks, furniture, toilet rolls or packaging? This small symbol indicates ethical processes have been followed to make that product. So, what are the benefits of FSC®...

second hand clothes rail in shop

Packaging Reuse for Second Hand September

Second Hand September is an ideal occasion to consider the options for buying second hand, reusing what you have or donating. These sustainable actions provide cost savings and promote creative thinking. What is Second Hand September? Second Hand September was launched by Oxfam in 2019 to encourage...


What Causes Deforestation?

Forests have always provided resources for the people and animals that live on Earth. However, the demand for certain products has made it profitable to chop down significant areas of forest, replacing the trees with agriculture. Can the actions we take as businesses in Europe...


E-commerce Packaging: Where to Start

Your product range is sorted and now you need e-commerce packaging. So, how do you know what you need when this isn’t your area of expertise? For many online retailers, the easy option is to order off-the-shelf postal boxes, but this is unlikely to be...


Out of the Blue Packaging

Many brands are looking for bold, impactful e-commerce boxes, yet, to keep shipping costs down, they are price sensitive. Having listened to their requirements, one of the options we recommend is flood printing. What is Flood Printing? Flood printing, also called flood coating, is a print process...


Packaging EPR: Latest Guidance

Every UK packaging company is aware of the forthcoming changes to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This comes into play from January 2023, placing greater recycling responsibility on the packaging industry. The aim is to encourage sustainable packaging design and practices. EPR also applies to companies packaging...


Exploring Packaging Material Innovations

When Aylesbury Box Company first opened its doors, polystyrene inserts and bubble wrap were widely used as void fillers. Many brands favoured layers of packaging to heighten the perception of luxury or value for money. Plastic was widely accepted as a desirable packaging material. Awareness of...


Impactful Packaging Design

Bold and impactful packaging design helps to make a brand memorable. When a Pets Love Fresh e-commerce box arrives at the door, we’re sure that even the dog associates it with their favourite lunch! Pets Love Fresh Our bodies need nutritious food to function at their best...


What’s on the Cards for Cardboard Packaging?

Meeting the demand for cardboard packaging has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Aylesbury Box Company and other packaging manufacturers. Globally, demand outstripped supply in early 2021 and we had to respond. We expanded to fulfil customer orders, but what is in store...


Cardboard Boat Races

Corrugated cardboard is a resilient material; strong, insulating and cushioning. It is widely used to transport goods, but on a few days of the year, cardboard can also be found transporting people on the water. The time to sign up for novelty boat races is...