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Awareness of the impact of packaging waste on the environment means many are keen to remove plastic from their packaging. What alternatives are available now?
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Exploring Packaging Material Innovations


Exploring Packaging Material Innovations

When Aylesbury Box Company first opened its doors, polystyrene inserts and bubble wrap were widely used as void fillers. Many brands favoured layers of packaging to heighten the perception of luxury or value for money. Plastic was widely accepted as a desirable packaging material.

Awareness of the impact of packaging waste on the environment has changed this. Alternative solutions have been developed, including biodegradable corn starch nuggets and insulating natural wool liners. We’ve also seen growing demand for cardboard inserts, craft paper and printed tissue paper, all of which are widely recycled.

The majority of our customers are keen to remove plastic from their packaging. There is also growing interest in supply chain sustainability; responsibly sourcing raw materials, production processes and the green credentials of the end product. As an FSC® certified packaging company, we can evidence these.

New Packaging Solutions on the Market

Whilst the green credentials of corrugated cardboard have made it a popular packaging material, we keep a lookout for new innovations which are making it to market. In this article, we explore two options which are making their debut.

Corona Extra Packaging Developed in India

The best solutions take a bi-product of another industry and turn it into something useful. This is the concept behind the latest Corona Extra 6-bottle packing, which is being trialled in parts of India.

Following years of development, barley straw, a waste product from the farming industry has been converted into packaging. The research and development have been undertaken by Craste, an Indian green packaging company.

The result looks much like carton board and is comparable in terms of durability. Like carton board, this packaging material is 100% biodegradable and compostable. If the trial proves successful, this new packaging material will be rolled out across India and possibly beyond.

At present, millions of tonnes of barley straw are burnt in India, a process which releases carbon into the atmosphere and contributes to air pollution. If this straw waste can be redirected into the packaging industry, India’s farmers will gain an additional income and there will be environmental benefits too.

Producing the straw-based packaging also uses a third of the water needed for carton board. Lowering water use is a priority for all manufacturers, especially when many of the world’s population struggle to get access to this essential resource.

The development of packaging from waste is a fantastic concept. Who knows what we could be making boxes from in the future!

Paper Packaging Solutions from France

Back to the familiar, we were interested to learn about developments in paper packaging made by Papkot, a French company.

Paper-based packaging has limitations when it comes to holding liquids. The fact that it is absorbent, also means it stains and then there is the fact that it is flammable. Papkot has taken on the challenge of overcoming not one, but all of these issues.

With a blend of paper fibre and ceramics, they have created a series of paper packaging solutions; Greaseal, which is stain resistant, waterproof Aquaseal and fire-resistant Fireseal. These food-grade packaging products can be moulded and printed like other paper-based packaging. They are also 100% biodegradable and home compostable.

Papkot aims to make a fully renewable and viable alternative to plastic and we are excited to see these packaging solutions come to market. The next product in development is Gaseal, a paper that can be used in vacuum packing.

UK Packaging Company

It may be several years before these packaging products are widely available in the UK. For now, carton board, corrugated cardboard and kraft paper provide affordable and sustainable packaging solutions.

If your brand is keen to find viable alternatives to plastic, the Aylesbury Box Company team can assist. We are keen to share our knowledge of carboard engineering and print, to help you find protective and affordable packaging for your brand. For further information, please get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk


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