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Bold and impactful packaging design helps to make a brand memorable. When a Pets Love Fresh e-commerce box arrives, even the dog associates it with their favourite lunch!
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Impactful Packaging Design


Impactful Packaging Design

Bold and impactful packaging design helps to make a brand memorable. When a Pets Love Fresh e-commerce box arrives at the door, we’re sure that even the dog associates it with their favourite lunch!

Pets Love Fresh

Our bodies need nutritious food to function at their best and it is no different for dogs. When exploring the ingredients in the food they were feeding to their loyal friends, the team behind Pets Love Fresh discovered some unpleasant truths. The food was surprisingly low in meat and full of preservatives. What’s more, the nutritional content had been lost through overcooking.

Knowing things had to change, they set out on a mission to prepare a quality alternative. Following 4-5 years of research, involving nutritionists and food scientists, they developed a new dog food product. Launched at the start of 2020, Pets Love Fresh is ordered online and delivered to the door.

Pets Love Fresh dog food is made with a high content of quality British meat. It is gently cooked to maintain the nutrients and vitamins, then frozen to lock them in.

Looking at their customer reviews, it is clear that pets do love fresh. Tales of fussy eaters licking the bowl clean are a regular feature and the owners seem pretty impressed too:

“Wow! Really impressed. Ordered the starter pack, received it within 48hrs. My Shichon absolutely loves it, great product, great packaging and so pleased with the communication and information supplied. Will defo be ordering more. Happy customer and doggy ” – Dave

“Great Product. Delivered on time. Well insulated and environmentally friendly packaging, Easy to store and serve. Am buying again.” – Joanne

The Pets Love Fresh Packaging Brief

Pets love fresh food is delivered frozen. Initially, it was wrapped in a polystyrene box and sleeve, however, not all councils were equipped to recycle this packaging. The company wanted a sustainable packaging solution that could provide the necessary insulation.

Corrugated cardboard boxes with natural wool liners were being used to package other consumables, so the team explored this option. The cardboard boxes also needed to be branded, with the company logo printed on a white background.

The Search for a Packaging Company

Initially, Pets Love Fresh ordered corrugated boxes from a large packaging company. This provided good value for large volume orders, however, lead times were as long as 5 months. They were not impressed by the customer service either, so it was back to Google. They contacted a selection of other packaging companies for a quote.

“Although two other companies offered lower prices, Martin and John at Aylesbury Box Company were very responsive. They offered a lead time that met our requirements and was ready for us to ship our Christmas orders. Our customers definitely prefer the recyclable packaging.”

– James Bailey, Pets Love Fresh

We usually like to accommodate customers’ requests for phased deliveries. Unfortunately, both of our companies were having warehouse refits at the same time, so stock holding wasn’t an option and storing the boxes was a challenge, but the issue was resolved.

Recyclable Printed Packaging

We are delighted that we were able to provide a timely solution for this printed cardboard packaging. It is impactful, receives positive feedback from happy customers and can be widely recycled.

If your company are looking to switch to recyclable printed packaging, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company for a quote and lead times on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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