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Have you avoided bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Did you know you can get cost-effective custom printed boxes?
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How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?


How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

Have you avoided getting a quote for bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Before you make your decision, let us share information on the cost of custom printed boxes.

Packaging Costs for Online Retailers

One of the reasons that many online retailers opt for off-the-shelf, plain packaging is to keep costs down. At face value, a bulk order of standard boxes is cheap. So, if you send out hundreds of orders each week, this makes a difference, but are you missing a trick?

The first factor to determine packaging costs is the dimensions of your boxes. Quite simply, a small size requires less cardboard and ink. However, this is the same if you order standard boxes.

Other factors that impact the price are:

The Complexity of the Box Design

A box with integrated inserts, folding tabs and die-cut sections requires more tooling than a plain box. However, those inserts can elevate the presentation and perception of your product. They can also prevent costs associated with void fill materials. Those tabs can help seal the box, reducing the need for tape. And, a die-cut handhold could aid lifting which reduces damages and returns.

The Packaging Print Design & Colour Range

If you desire a full colour, intricate design, with gloss or foil details, it will bump up the cost. However, there are ways to add brand personality in more cost-effective ways. For custom printed postal boxes, we often recommend flexographic print. This does limit the colour palette, yet it is very cost effective and you great results. To keep costs low, how about flood printed internal walls colour matched to your branding, with your logo on the outer side?

The Quantity Ordered

We have no minimum order requirement and do produce one-off boxes. Yet, this isn’t the answer if you want cheap packaging. That’s because, custom boxes require tooling, which is essentially a template used to manufacture and print your boxes. There is a cost associated with this setup. However, once created, the same tooling can be used for years to come, at no extra cost. So, the cost of your first order is more than the subsequent ones.

How to Keep the Cost of Custom Boxes Down

If you are budget-conscious, the best option is to speak to us. Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we can recommend solutions that enable you to have custom boxes. With knowledge of the packaging manufacturing and print processes, we advise on alternative options that deliver results most cost-effectively.

The Added Value of Custom Boxes

We’ve already hinted that there is more to comparing packaging prices than the unit price. A slightly more expensive box design can work out cheaper when you factor in additional materials that are required to pack and send orders.

We also encourage you to consider the added value of custom printed boxes. Firstly, for your online businesses, packaging is one of the few tangible connections with your customers. First impressions count and the box that their order arrives in will influence their perception of your brand and products. Do you want to blend in or stand out from the crowd? Is yours just another package or are you offering a more personalised unboxing experience?

Secondly, a box has multiple surfaces, all of which offer a fantastic marketing opportunity. What message do you want to communicate? Is it important to showcase your ethical values or provide some interactive elements? Would care instructions, serving suggestions or other top tips be valued by your customers?

What we’re saying is, why not elevate the customer experience and use custom printed boxes to increase engagement, loyalty and shares? This approach increases the likelihood of repeat orders and offers the chance to extend your reach. As a result, your e-commerce packaging works for you in more ways than protecting your goods in transit. It can generate a return on your investment which makes it very cost effective!

Best Fit Custom Boxes

We know there is a lot to consider when launching or growing an e-commerce business. However, we are here to advise. We listen to what you want, take account of the products you are sending and address concerns that you might have. Simply call 01296 436888 or email

One of our sustainability values is to proactively advise customers of ways to minimise the volume of packaging used, without compromising protection. As such, our best fit custom boxes mean that you don’t pay for excess materials and waste is minimised.

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