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Wine by the Bottle, Box or Can

This month wine producers, buyers, connoisseurs and drinkers will be heading to Olympia. Yes, it’s the London Wine Fair! At this event, global exhibitors hope they will find new distributors from restaurants, supermarkets and wine specialists. In addition, there will be discussions about future markets....


Why Switch From Plastic Packaging?

Did you know that 74% of the UK population favour a reduction in plastic packaging use? As a result, many of us are actively looking for brands that use alternative packaging materials. So, a growing number of producers and retailers are switching to more sustainable...


Cardboard Music Promotion

For the first time in three decades, vinyl records are included in the list of items used to calculate monthly inflation in the UK. As a result of a resurgence in demand, 6.5 million vinyl records were sold in 2023. It seems that many people...


When Cardboard is Your Home

At the moment, many people are visiting the Ideal Home Show for interiors inspiration. However, such aspirations are a far cry from everyone’s experience of a place to live. For some people, a stack of cardboard on the street is what counts as home. So,...


Eye-catching Printed Packaging

At this time of year, it seems that everything is a bit grey. Therefore, we need something to lift our spirits and inject a bit of colour into the world. So, in this article, we explore the colour yellow and its use in creating eye-catching...

polystyrene balls breaking up

From Polystyrene to Cardboard

The recent Government ban on polystyrene cups and containers has encouraged many retailers and manufacturers to look at alternatives. From takeaway packaging to protective box inserts for machinery, we’ve helped brands shift from polystyrene to cardboard. We’ve now discovered a British designer, known for his polystyrene...

Recycle label on packaging

Divide & Conquer for Recycling Week

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Recycling Week. That’s two decades of raising awareness of the benefits of avoiding waste to landfill. You would think that two decades of education would make us all recycling experts, yet it isn’t always straightforward. Bin it or...

cardboard hanger template

Hanging Up the Plastic Packaging

Many brands are taking action to reduce the volume of plastic packaging used to display and deliver products. One of the latest moves has been taken by Sainsbury’s, with Tu Baby Clothing now being presented on cardboard hangers. Cardboard Hangers Replace Plastic Packaging Clothing sold in High...

Cardboard creation in progress

Cardboard Creations Set for the Stage

Every once in a while, we receive a request for cardboard from a local organisation. Usually, it’s boxes, but earlier this year we were asked for some very large sheets of flat cardboard. The request came from a group of students at Aylesbury High School....


Breaking the Barriers of Fibre-based Packaging

This Plastic Free July, we are looking at alternatives to plastic packaging. One of the barriers to switching is that fibre-based packaging is not moisture resistant. When it gets damp, paper and cardboard lose rigidity and that can render them useless at holding and protecting...