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Cardboard Creations

Cardboard is an incredibly versatile material. With an understanding of cardboard engineering, it can be shaped in all manner of designs. It has sufficient strength to hold its form and is surprisingly durable for such a lightweight material. Whilst cardboard is best known as a packaging...


The Future is Cardboard

In light of changing shopping habits, environmental concerns and innovative ideas, corrugated cardboard is back in vogue. The humble cardboard box may have been a packaging staple for decades, but demand is growing and it is now gaining a spot in the packaging limelight. Cardboard Boxes...

Cardboard Art

Corrugated cardboard is a versatile material. With cardboard engineering skills, a good dash of artistic flair and patience, many artists have created wonderful sculptures from this affordable and widely available material. James Lake Cardboard Artist Paralympic Sculptures James Lake has worked on collaborative art projects since 2007 and...

Is Cardboard Packaging Still Good Value?

Aylesbury Box Company has recently had to put up the price of our cardboard boxes. We’re not alone. Globally, the cost of cardboard box manufacture has soared this year and a price increase is the only way for box companies to remain commercially viable. Why has the...

Packaging and PRN Recycling

All UK businesses have an obligation to recover and recycle packaging waste. If you feel that this is a burden, you may like to refer to the recent Valpak Packflow 2025 Study. The data suggests that the cost of this resource management is significantly lower...

Explosive Cardboard

Millions of unexploded land mines remain buried across the world. Cheap to produce and with the ability to remain active for 50 years, these weapons are widespread and deadly. According to the United Nations, around 2,000 people are injured or killed by land mines every...

Cardboard Design Winners

Cardboard is a widely available and highly adaptable packaging material. It can be cut, shaped and printed without the need for complex tools or specialist skills. As such, it is ideal for the development of new packaging designs. Every year the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)...

Cardboard Arcade

Keeping the kids happy during the school holidays became a whole lot easier at The Eden Project last week. Game On encompassed a variety of interactive challenges that were played by people of all ages and nationalities. As part of the week-long celebration of video games,...

Panda Power: WWF & Sustainability

Sustainability: a word that has edged its way into board room discussions, seminars and training and process management. As with any initiative, a convincing argument is crucial for the concept to catch on. Business owners need more than ‘doing your bit for environmental protection’ to take...


Cardboard Edison Winners

A few months ago, our blog focused on an international board game competition, known as the Cardboard Edison. This annual event encourages individuals to submit ideas for new card or board games, which are tried and tested by a game obsessed judging panel. The winners...