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The media has picked up on the use of recycled cardboard beds in the Tokyo 2020 athlete’s village accommodation. Our pet cat might enjoy snuggling down in opened cardboard boxes, but is this a wise move for elite athletes?
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Recycled Cardboard and the Olympic Games


Recycled Cardboard and the Olympic Games

As one of the world’s most significant sporting events, the Olympic and Paralympic Games hit the global spotlight every 4 years. Back in 2012, London made a commitment to host ‘the greenest games’. Eight years on and Tokyo is taking things to another level.

The media has picked up on the use of recycled cardboard beds in the athlete’s village accommodation. Our pet cat might enjoy snuggling down in opened cardboard boxes, but is this a wise move for elite athletes? With a nation’s hopes on your shoulders, can you sleep on cardboard and then deliver your optimum performance?

Why Use Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a naturally robust and insulating material. With the right design, it is sufficiently strong to hold substantial weights. In the case of the cardboard beds, organisers have tested the fact that the structure can hold 200kg.

The International Olympic Committee has grown increasingly aware of their responsibility in ensuring that these events promote physical health without damaging environmental health. Their Sustainability Report includes 18 objectives which they want to achieve in the 2020 Games.

Tokyo’s bid to be the Host City included innovative solutions for how they were to sustainably manage resources, infrastructure and the workforce. They had to look at the environmental impact of every decision.

So, when you need to provide 18,000 temporary beds for Olympic athletes and a further 8,000 for the Paralympians, you need a new approach. Using recycled cardboard, which can be recycled again after use, certainly ticks the box. Already widely accepted as a sustainable packaging option, cardboard is also a low-cost solution.

Cardboard will be used to form the bed frame. A recyclable mattress and bedding will be placed on top. There is no reason why this wouldn’t be any less comfortable than any other option.

It’s Not Just the Beds that are Recycled

In addition to recycled cardboard beds, the Tokyo Games will feature torches made from recycled aluminium. The medals will be formed from recycled devices and recycled household, whilst recycled marine plastic waste will be used for the podiums.

It is clear that Tokyo is fully embracing the opportunity to make considerable changes. They will be showcasing a sustainable approach to the global media. This is an opportunity to really get us thinking.

Using Cardboard for Temporary Displays

With considered design and engineering, corrugated cardboard can be formed into almost any shape. It can be incredibly robust and with a variety of finish options, it is incredibly versatile.

We have been involved in the design, manufacture and print of temporary cardboard PoS as part of national retail displays. A prominent example involved supplying every store in the country with flat-packed cardboard displays, which needed to be assembled on the same day. We have also created cardboard solutions for exhibitions, venue staging and promotional events.

In addition to being a sustainable option, which can be formed from 100% recycled fibres and then recycled after use, corrugated cardboard is a highly cost-effective solution. Consider the savings in using cardboard rather than wooden beds. Think of the impact on profits if your seasonal retail displays were strong cardboard in place of plastic.

If you are in event management or retail marketing, it could be time to think beyond the box and consider corrugated cardboard as a commercially viable and sustainable solution. To discuss your project and requirements in more depth, call our specialist team on 01296 436888.

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