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international shipping


The Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability

The availability and cost of imports mean millions of goods are shipped around the globe every day. This generates considerable carbon emissions, an issue which needs to be addressed. In addition, it distances retailers from suppliers, which can mean a lack of awareness about unethical...

Large industrial carton

Industrial Cartons for UK Manufacturers

When Aylesbury Box Company first launched, we were solely focused on the production of industrial cartons for local and international shipping. Although they are often unprinted and uninspiring, these heavy-duty boxes play a practical role in protecting goods in transit. Therefore, despite ever rising demand...


Strong & Sustainable Shipping Solutions

One of our established customers contacted us to ask about alternatives to foam inserts for their packaging and we were happy to recommend sustainable shipping solutions. They send large, weighty equipment to customer across the world, so any solutions offered needed to retain the strength...