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Football Shirts ‘In the Box’

We’ve recently delivered printed packaging to a specialist retailer with an unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. As a supplier of authentic kits, what did he need to put football shirts in the box? The Love of Football Nations’ hopes are currently pinned on their team making...


Packaging and Brand Identity

Have you considered the role that packaging plays in your brand identity? Coming up with a company name and deciding what you will sell is the starting point for most retail businesses. You invest in your product range and the company website, then get ready...


When Protective Packaging is a Top Priority

Appropriate levels of protection are an important consideration for all packaging designs. However, for some deliveries, it is a top priority. In this article, we share our work with the London Sperm Bank to create protective packaging for their precious cargo. Deliveries to Support Fertility Choosing to...


Branded Packaging for Moon Roast

E-commerce and subscription box sales have provided a fantastic opportunity for a small coffee roaster; enabling their fresh blends to reach customers who live further afield. However, they were keen to maintain the strong connection they have with regular visitors, so branded packaging was a...


Packaging Design is Part of the Brand

Good packaging design is created with thought to the product, the customer experience and the brand values. Far more than simply a shipping box, it communicates a message to customers; what does your packaging say? Bespoke Boxes for a Product Launch Last year, we were contacted by...


Bespoke Boxes for Coffee Roasters

Freshly roasted coffee, rich in flavour and aroma, delivered to your door; what would you give for that right now? Back in 2014, Missing Bean Coffee Roasters made this a reality, with unique blends that wouldn’t cost the earth. As we’ve recently delivered their order...


Prioritising the Green

At the end of 2022, we delivered the first order of branded e-commerce packaging to Slycker. They launched their website in December and were soon fulfilling orders in time for Christmas. Is your 2023 goal to launch an e-commerce business? Whether an established company that is...


Premium Brand Seeks Quality Packaging

It’s a match made in heaven when brand values are consistent across the product and packaging. No anti-climax because the product didn’t look the same in the flesh and no disappointment that your dream product has turned up in a scruffy box. Simple, Sustainable, Quality Packaging The...


A Guide to Garment Packaging

Online sales of clothing increased by 14% in the year until May 2022*, despite e-commerce sales falling in most other categories. This indicates that shoppers are now making up for lost time; getting out and about with confidence. Wardrobe updates are making buyers feel ready...


Are Custom Boxes Worth It?

With soaring prices, every business is looking for ways to keep prices down and remain competitive. When it comes to packaging, buying off the shelf options is cheaper than custom boxes, but which offers the best value? Off-the-Shelf V Bespoke Boxes "I need to keep fulfilment and...