Aylesbury BOX Company | A Guide to Garment Packaging
Online sales of clothing increased by 14% in the year until May 2022, does your ecommerce packaging fit the bill?
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A Guide to Garment Packaging


A Guide to Garment Packaging

Online sales of clothing increased by 14% in the year until May 2022*, despite e-commerce sales falling in most other categories. This indicates that shoppers are now making up for lost time; getting out and about with confidence. Wardrobe updates are making buyers feel ready for social get-togethers, work events and holidays.

As a clothing retailer, it is time to promote stock and provide a positive online shopping experience. In addition to an easy to navigate website, good stock availability and efficient order processing, e-commerce packaging for clothing and accessories has to fit the bill.

Garment Packaging Tips

Aylesbury Box Company has provided affordable, sustainable, branded clothing packaging boxes for many different online retailers. From socks and glasses subscriptions to creative t-shirt designs and innovative swimwear, our cardboard boxes have protected clothing and accessories and improved presentation. We share some packaging tips for e-commerce clothing businesses.

Fold or Roll?

The ongoing debate about whether to fold or roll clothing is of interest to online clothing retailers. The decision depends on several factors, including the fabric, the packaging and customer expectations.

When Folding Clothing is Advised

Natural fabrics such as linen and silk will crease when rolled, so folding is recommended. Folding is also advised for formal wear including shirts, skirts and jackets. For this type of apparel, adding a flat cardboard sheet or tissue paper between the folded layers can aid presentation.

Finally, if you are using slimline mailer boxes, it makes sense to fold clothing as it will lay flat. This could enable deliveries to meet small parcel dimensions; cutting postage costs, as well as posting through the letterbox for customer convenience.

When to Roll Clothing

Fabrics containing Lycra or bamboo including t-shirts, sportswear, swimwear and socks don’t easily crease and for these items, rolling is a space-saving technique. It could mean that you can reduce the size of your clothing packaging boxes. Rolling also opens up the option of using printed tubes or triangular cardboard postal tubes for deliveries. Would this help to stand your brand apart from the competition?

Avoiding a Bunch Up Bundle

Whether rolling or folding clothes, the right packaging will ensure good presentation when they arrive with the customer. Poly mailers or oversized boxes can result in the latest fashions arriving in a crumpled, bunched up, bundle. This doesn’t make a good first impression and increases the likelihood that orders will be returned.

Aylesbury Box Company worked with a t-shirt supplier who had been using poly mailers. They found that the bunched fabrics meant that packages didn’t always fit the small package dimensions, so they were paying over the odds for shipping. By switching to corrugated mailer boxes, they prevented this issue and improved product presentation.

Branded Packaging for Clothing

Customers like to associate with brands that best reflect their style. They are happy to wear branded clothing or carry branded bags, which is a marketing dream. It is no different online. Branded packaging is an important part of customer engagement – get it right and yours might feature on unboxing videos or influencer posts.

When planning your print design, we encourage you to make use of all available space. The inside of mailer boxes is a great space to add impact. From bold flood printing to fashion tips, garment care instructions or loyalty discount vouchers, think inside the box!

Sustainable Fashion Packaging

There is currently a big focus on sustainability in the fashion industry. This applies to every aspect of the business, including e-commerce packaging. Here are 5 tips to improve the eco-credentials of your packaging:

  1. Find a UK packaging supplier to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping from abroad, ideally one that is actively reducing packaging waste.
  2. Opt for recycled and recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard and tissue paper for the packaging. (Single material packaging is advised to make recycling easier).
  3. Design packaging that is fit for purpose and minimises (or avoids) the need for void fillers or excessive layers
  4. Design packaging that can be reused for returns
  5. Include symbols and information on the packaging to inform customers about recycling

UK Packaging Manufacturer

As a specialist manufacturer of cardboard boxes, Aylesbury Box Company can assist with packaging design and print finishes. We have provided sustainable packaging solutions for brands including Red Bubble, Randy Cow, Frameworks, Socks in a Box and Luxury Connected. Will your clothing company be next?

For further information, advice or a quote, please contact our experienced team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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