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We’ve recently delivered printed packaging to a specialist retailer. As a supplier of authentic kits, what did he need to put football shirts in the box?
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Football Shirts ‘In the Box’


Football Shirts ‘In the Box’

We’ve recently delivered printed packaging to a specialist retailer with an unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. As a supplier of authentic kits, what did he need to put football shirts in the box?

The Love of Football

Nations’ hopes are currently pinned on their team making it through to the finals of the Euros. Whilst the teams prepare for the next match, fans will be scrutinising and discussing the players, line ups and tactics. And, whether at the match, at the pub or watching from home, supporters will likely be wearing the kit. It’s a sign of allegiance to their team.

The latest team kit is a must-have for any dedicated fan. However, authentic football shirts from times gone by have become collector’s items and fashion statements. It’s a waste to ditch the old when the new season kit is released, so retro styles are all the rage.

On the pitch, a football kit is a means of distinguishing the teams. However, for supporters, it offers a sense of belonging to something bigger. There is pride, connection and memories tied into this garment. Maybe they wear a football shirt that reminds them of the first time they stepped into a stadium. Or, from the year that their favourite player scored a goal that won the match.

Introducing The Football Shirt Club

Maxim has a passion for football, which extends beyond the pitch. He’s been collecting original shirts for years and set up a side hustle whilst at uni. And, this became an official business, The Football Shirt Club, in 2021.

As an avid collector, Maxim is particularly drawn to shirts with designs that reflect the team’s history. This adds to the story and significance of the kit and he’s always on the hunt for something unusual. As a result, he seeks out small, independent companies that make the kit for lower-league clubs. Why has that shirt got a collar while another has none? What does that detail represent? It’s time to find out!

With kit options from major and minor leagues, you’ll discover items from the 1980s to recent times. So, this is the place to go for a bit of nostalgia and football history!

In addition to individual items, The Football Shirt Club offers a mystery box. Currently, the contents are a shirt from one of the teams playing in the Euros. Maxim says these have been a popular order, adding an extra dimension to the tournament. The mystery box contains an information card with facts about the kit, which encourages football fans to find out more about the team. Now, if there’s a football fan in the family, this could solve all your gift dilemmas!

Football Shirt in a Box

Initially, shirts were dispatched in bog standard boxes. However, Maxim wanted an eye-catching design that would set his business apart from the competition. So, he decided on a two-colour design to print onto quality, white boxes for a bold finish.

The other consideration was postage costs, especially as the company ships worldwide. Therefore, the dimensions of the smaller box are letterbox-friendly and classified as large letters. And, the larger boxes are within the size the courier defines as a small parcel. A shirt that can easily be posted through the letterbox also makes the buying experience more convenient for customers.

He searched online to find a packaging company that could produce high-quality, printed boxes in the desired dimensions.

“Having spoken to Aylesbury Box Company, I was assured that they could manufacture everything in line with what we needed. The service and boxes have been very good. The quality is great and we’ve had no issues with the boxes or print design. After a recent busy period, I realised that our packaging was running low, so I rang to reorder. Thankfully, the turnaround was quick and we received a new pallet of boxes in time.”

—Maxim Pope, The Football Shirt Club

Branded Packaging Enhances the Customer Experience

The branded boxes add to the customer experience and provide a great way to store collectable shirts. The packaging hasn’t gone unnoticed by the customers, as these are some of the comments included in Trust Pilot reviews:

“I will order 2 or 3 jerseys another time in future, I hope to receive the same violet nice box.”

“Really well packaged with information cards about shirts. Would definitely recommend. Fun gift for football fans.”

“When I received the package today, I was impressed with the immaculate packaging.”

“My son wanted a year’s subscription for his Christmas gift, and we have been thrilled… Every shirt has been packaged really nicely, and he likes the stickers and information sent with the shirt every month.”

“The shirt arrived in Japan from the UK in less than 2 weeks. It came in a really nice presentation box as well.”

If you want to elevate your brand and the customer experience with branded packaging, get in touch with the Aylesbury Box Company team to discuss printed boxes. We’ll advise on the finish options that meet your requirements. Contact us on or 01296 436888

Football Fact

Let’s end with a football fact!

Did you know that £7.1million is the highest price ever paid for an original football shirt? This Sotheby’s lot was the 1986 top worn by Maradona in the game when his skills were aided by ‘the hand of God’.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a millionaire to shop from The Football Shirt Club. Instead, you can pick up your favourite design for prices ranging from £15.00 to £250.00.

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