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sustainable packaging box with green print

Do Customers Prioritise Sustainable Packaging?

Aylesbury Box Company is on a sustainability journey. We produce sustainable packaging and we care about our people,  and our planet, so we continuously implemented measures in line with our company vision. Our vision is to be an industry-leading cardboard packaging company; achieved via being innovative...

Hands opening-advent-calendar

Advent-ageous Packaging Design

Throughout the year, there are significant days when retailers aim to boost their profits. Valentine's Day has recently passed, Easter is on its way and the final few weeks of the year are dominated by Christmas. On these occasions, packaging design is crucial for transforming...


What’s the Benefit of Sustainable Packaging?

In our previous article, we shared information on the work of the Forestry Stewardship Council© (FSC) and how they help us to supply sustainable packaging. Their standards ensure the future of the world’s forests, through responsible management. This is beneficial for the long-term future of...


Packaging Pollution: Brands Exposed

A place on a Top Companies list usually means positive publicity, but the Dirty Dozen is different. It focuses on packaging pollution and names the brands exposed as being responsible for the highest volume of branded litter in the UK. Surfers Against Sewage highlight the...


Sustainability in 2022

How are conscious consumers shaping the landscape for manufacturers and retailers in 2022? In December, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) released research. Dreaming of a Green Christmas revealed that 53% of UK adults were opting for more environmentally-friendly celebrations. From selecting sustainable packaging and reusing...


What is a Circular Economy?

Terms like ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Regenerative Production’ come up in conversations around sustainability. They inform product and packaging design, business planning and marketing messages, but what do they mean? Following on from our article about environmental claims, brands need to have a collective understanding of eco...


Meal Kit Boxes and the Circular Economy

The options for eating out have been limited over the past year. Even when restaurants and pubs reopened, eating outdoors was encouraged. Unpredictable weather has made that less appealing, so it’s little wonder that the demand for Meal Kit boxes continues to be strong. As a...


The Circular Economy Involves More than Recycling

We applaud the achievements of the recycling award winners that were announced in our previous blog on paper recycling. Having celebrated their success, it is important to remember that recycling is simply one element of the circular economy. Designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers need to be...


Paper Recycling Award Winners

To preserve and protect natural resources we need two major opportunities. Firstly, the tools to raise awareness around the globe. Secondly, innovation to improve processes, so that waste is minimised. Back in 2000, there was a European Declaration on paper recycling. It stated that by 2020,...


Best Practice in the Packaging Sector

In the past, the production of goods was a linear process. Items were designed, raw materials were supplied, the goods were manufactured and used, then dumped. The same process applied to the packaging; it was simply a disposable means of transporting goods. It is now realised...