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78% of consumers expect larger companies to actively promote sustainable packaging. Consumers were also willing to do their bit, with 76% recycling packaging and 25% reusing delivery boxes to send their gifts.
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Sustainability in 2022


Sustainability in 2022

How are conscious consumers shaping the landscape for manufacturers and retailers in 2022?

In December, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) released research. Dreaming of a Green Christmas revealed that 53% of UK adults were opting for more environmentally-friendly celebrations. From selecting sustainable packaging and reusing delivery boxes to shopping local, decisions were made based on eco-concerns.

Shoppers Want Eco-friendly Packaging and Products

Green credentials are for life, not just for Christmas and the CIM findings reveal a shift in priorities. Shoppers want more actions and greater transparency from brands when it comes to the environmental impact of goods and packaging.

Whilst some are willing to pay more for sustainable options, there is an expectation that this should be the norm for brands. The research showed that 78% expect larger companies to actively promote sustainable packaging. Consumers were also willing to do their bit, with 76% recycling packaging and 25% reusing delivery boxes to send their gifts.

Excessive packaging remains an issue for consumers and Amazon was named as the worst offender. Selecting bespoke packaging that is designed to fit the product and protect it in transit is the best way to avoid unnecessary layers and fillers.

Speak to your packaging manufacturer about your products, how they will be packed, transported and stored. They can then optimise the packaging design, removing any element that is excess of requirements.

Sustainable Packaging and More: 6 Eco Actions

Sustainable packaging isn’t the only shift in consumer behaviours that are forecast to continue through the coming year. Other environmentally-driven changes include:

Growing Market for Plant-based Foods

A growing market for plant-based food, with meat less likely to be consumed every day. The days of a few packs of Linda McCartney sausages in the freezer aisle are over. Whole sections are dedicated to vegetarian and vegan foods in most supermarkets.

Imperfect Veg on the Shelves

A willingness to purchase imperfect fruit and veg. Often offered at a cheaper price than the standard product, but still full of flavour, this is a great option for budget-conscious families. Offering ‘wonky’ fruit and veg as an option saves tonnes of good food from going to waste.

Refill Options in Shops & Cafes

Taking your bags and containers to the shops is not a new concept, but it is undergoing a resurgence. An increasing number of manufacturers and retailers are offering refillable products including toiletries, cleaning products and dried foods. Cafes are also open to refilling water bottles, mugs and thermal cups rather than using disposable cups.

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) is on the Agenda

Taking corporate social responsibility to the next level, organisations and investors are putting social and environmental ethics on the agenda. These actions are viewed favourably by consumers and can stand a brand out from the competition.

Designing Products & Packaging for the Circular Economy

Product and packaging design used to pay little heed to what happened at the end of life. This is now changing, with the design criteria including ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Considerations including minimising the variety of materials used, easy to separate parts and clear labelling are helping to reduce our reliance on virgin materials.

Carbon Off-set for Net Zero Business

Net-zero has become a target for organisations of all sizes, across all industries. To achieve net-zero, companies are optimising resource efficiency, reprocessing materials and investing in credible carbon offset projects.

Working from Home

Necessity drove the move to work from home and although it doesn’t suit every employer or employee, it has had some environmental benefits. A reduction in the number of commuters in the first lockdown had an almost immediate effect on air quality in UK cities. The University of York recorded significant declines in nitrogen levels a month into lockdown. Many companies are now open to the idea of remote teams, at least on some working days.

Sustainable Packaging for 2022

Aylesbury Box Company can help your business to package your products in optimised, cardboard packaging. Our standard boxes are made from over 80% recycled fibres and can be reused or recycled at the end of use. We also supply 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

We’ve taken an active role in making our operations sustainable and our efforts have now been recognised with FSC® certification. As a UK box company, you know that your packaging isn’t shipped across the world; another tick in the environmental box.

For further information and to discuss your requirements, call Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or email: enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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